The Imperfect Mage by puimun

The Imperfect Mage

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Artwork Stats
Added: Apr 30, 2003
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Illustration for a book of the same title, by Catherine Asano.

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I bought this book BECAUSE of the beautiful artwork.

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Eee, I have that book. I recognised your work the moment I saw it. This is one of my favourite pieces. ^_^ The book was pretty good too, heh. I love your work and have for a long time.

puimun's picture

Well, I'm glad it was recognizeable enough that you could tell it was me even without the credit! Smile

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I saw this illustration on the cover of the book and knew it was you -- I was sorry you weren't credited in the text, but it just meant I had to verify that it was yours in your gallery. And so it is! So awesome!

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I fear I'm not able to leave your gallery before I've been seen all your fantastic and incredible fine pics. I'm totally bound to look at your work. This piece is one of your best. I love the shade of blue and the dimensional impression of the 'dreamscape'. Lew.

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stephanie- like all your other work, this is stupendous! attention to detail... magnificent! long may you reign.... Wink

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I just wanted to say, that i love every single picture of you! (my english is too bad, to describe it better). They're always... like pieces of dreams! Could hang infornt of my monitor for hours and just look a your artworks.

everytime i watch your artworks, i'm asking myself "how did she does that?"
You know, i try to work with watercolours, but it is so hard. Even the composition is so hard for me!

Your site is really great and i'm visiting your site very often (forced some of my friends to go there too, and now they are also fans of your great artworks).

excuse my very bad english...-.-

puimun's picture

Haha...interesting, your oriental comment. I did use myself to model for the pose, but I guess a bit of my face got into there as well.

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Masterfully done as always Stephanie. I checked the details on your website and really like the magic effects you achieved, the "implied" forest and her eyes too. She looks oriental but with blond hair. Neat stuff, keep making your wonderful art!

bcorbett67's picture

Lovely work Stephanie, I really like the mottled effect you get with the watercolor and the curves in your compositions Smile

dhuber's picture

Really love the flow and sweeping motions of the lane, trees, and garments that you've created in this painting.
Great job!

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Gosh that is beautifull stephanie.just that little island on the right,gives this image the strangest of feelings.I quite admire your skill,your works look really good on this site,i wonder how your originals look?.

puimun's picture

Yes, THAT one! Only thing I know about it is that the hero and heroine have magical abilities, and somehow that magic is manifest as shapes, and they're in search of the perfect shape that will somehow save their homeland. At least, that's how the art director told it to me. She seemed none too certain about the plot herself, so I gather she has never read it either!

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ohhhhhhh this is the Harlequin one you were talking about!! *giggling spat* I DEFINITELY gotta pick it up *Winkwink*

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Thank you merm!

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Thank you very much! I hope you continue coming to my site to see the updates each month.

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Thank you mere! You know, this color scheme was actually a departure from the usual for me. I have a thing against doing "normal" colored sky and foliage usually. =)

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=) That's good to hear. I actually used digital photos of myself posing to get the anatomy right. I wanted to make sure there wasn't anything wrong with this one!

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Well, the last bookcover I did for them was in December, and the publication date for that was set to sometime in September. So I don't know when this one will be out, but my guess is not until next year. Here's the publisher's site:

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I have no clue! They didn't let me read it first, so I'll find out when it comes out if the image is at all accurate to the contents.

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I love the soft colors and movement. There;s another book cover posted at the same time (by socar myles) and their both so different yet so awesome. I don't know how you guys do it. Do you have a link to info on the book?

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One of my fave from you. Wonderful color-composition. I like the cold dominated palette - the yellow-green-blue color-glory above your main character and behind the bird. The grey shaded tree let space to the colors of the "magic". Well-made pic, I like it very very much! I agree with the comments: you are extremely talented. It is a pleasure to examine your technic and themes. You can show your new sides every time. Grats:))!

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Hmmm, your anatomy seems a lot more realistic and a bit less stylized in this piece.

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hey another book cover! Grooooovy. *tweaks the fox's tail* What's it about?

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I love this picture:) The color scheme is great

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Hello. I adore this piece. I have looked and admired all of your artwork for almost a year now. I really enjoy your style. It is so unique and beautiful. I just love it!! You are extremely talented, as I am sure you know. You site is also very pretty. I would recommend it to anyone in a heartbeat! L.M.

puimun's picture

Thanks Chad!

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Beautiful work, Steph!

Art at its best.