And Such is the Way of the Faeries by puimun

And Such is the Way of the Faeries

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Added: Aug 24, 2003
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Due out in February of 2004 will be the book "And Such is the Way of the Faeries" published by Elmore Productions.
48 pages of my pencil art, stories to go along with the images, and should you wish it, D20 information to use these delightful creatures in your games. Here is the first preview for the book.
For a closer look at some of the image details, Click Here.

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The details is killingly stunning!!!! oh my lord... big fans of yours....

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I don't know what to say. It's so beautiful and so full of harmony... so full of life and I just can't stop staring at it, because there are so many tiny details to come across when you keep looking.

Your art truly takes one's breath away.

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Gosh! So much detail - so much talent.

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you truly have far as i know most artists have a hard time on painting with watercolor...

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Its awe-inspiring how someone can create something so beautiful! I love the detail and how skilled your painting is.

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steph this is an ahhhh whaaa picture it must have taken alot of time with all of the detail and colors

puimun's picture

Actually, I think I -was- insane. Smile I had some marathon sessions trying to finish it up before leaving for Dragoncon!

kenmeyerjr's picture

I think I would have been insane after finishing this!

lew's picture

I absolutely love your colourful style. And the details are genious! It appears to me that you give a lot of your heart blood into your art... Lew.

puimun's picture

Well, there's no secret to that. It's just a lot of patience and very small brushes.

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OMFG! That is so good! These pics are amazing! How do ya do so much detail? *keeps staring all starry eyed*

puimun's picture

Well, the February date is not so much the publisher's fault as mine. There's only so much art I can produce! If not then, we'd have to wait until much later in 2004. I would prefer sooner than later. And yes this is the cover image.

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awesome image as always steph. i love the web thingy at the top, the colours are gorgeous!

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Your consistently turning out remarkable Artwork Steph!...The title is a bit of a mouthful, how about "The way of Faeries" also the publishers timing could have been a bit better to bring in the Xmas this the cover Artwork..?

Regardless my nit picking I know your Book will be a huge success, and a treasured possession by your many fans around the world, you can put me first on your list to purchase it...may the light of Evening Star, shine on you!, and Nenya ever shed your light into this world...

puimun's picture

Thanks! This one took about 70 hours, and I must say by the end my patience was starting to string out as well!

puimun's picture

Hi Kort! This one is 21x28 inches, but it's probably the most detailed I've done even though it's a usual size for me. And I scan it in directly. As you say, it's the only way to get the color subtleties. I think much of it would be lost if it went through two translations!

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Beautiful as always. I really like your color scheme on this one. Must be a large image to capture all that detail.
Do you scan your work in or photograph it? You achieve such good color subtlties...thats why I ask.

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Beautiful as always Stephanie. So much detail. Lovely colors.

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You're the magician of watercolors Stephanie! Your pics are always so detailed and the colors so harmonious. I feel like you've got an instinctive sense of colors, but I also know that it requires a lot of work and patience!
good continuation! Nath ( a great admirer Smile

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I LOVE it, like almost all of your pics! So great. The colors are amazing, and to think this is watercolor makes me breathless...

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Amazing work, beautiful color

puimun's picture

Thanks Mere!

kyrn's picture

*laughs at merm* I don't know how you do all that detail. Nice one!!

puimun's picture

Teach you? What are you talking about Merm -- you do amazing work in your own right! And sorry, I was afk but I got your messages. =)

mermalior's picture

* Merm cries * Just awesome! Teeeeach me, please! Smile

Art at its best.