Tiranna by puimun


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Added: Oct 05, 2003
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Illustration for Altimer's Cross.
"In ages past, she could care for herself.
She knew every rock and every tree and every stream.
She was the heart of the world, and all the land obeyed her.

But that was the past.

She is in me now, and I help her read the signs.
When the animals flee, I am the tree that shelters them.
When the trees choke the land, I am the fire that cleanses them.
When the fire burns free, I am the rain that quenches it.
And when dark things come, I am the knife…"

-- from "The World Tree"

Medium: Watercolor
Size: 20x29

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I agree with what Marina said. Really reminds me of gollum.

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I really like this picture. The colors are so soft, yet it seems that danger lurks nearby. The little creatures on the rocks at the bottom remind me of Gollum from Lord of the Rings...lol very nice work!

<3 Marina

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i want to be that good some day ,love that its not digital

puimun's picture

very sloooooooooooooowly. Smile

k-t-roo's picture

gorgeous work steph, what else can i say? i just love your pics, and i really wish i knew how you do them.

puimun's picture

Oh, and as for the sculpture, it's still sitting on a table in the middle of my room unfinished! I'll get to it sometime, but just been running around so busy lately.

puimun's picture

Actually, the poem in this is not mine. It's from the game that the illustration is for. "The World Tree"

But thanks anyway! Smile

frodo's picture

I love the poetry, you work into your pictures Steph... hey! how the sculpture comming on, I can see that your brilliance knows no bounds...Smile

goddessart's picture

Very lovely and ethereal work, Steph! Your characters do flow so beautifully...I love this piece.

christar's picture

I really respect the fact that you have stuck with natural media this long; and yet, your quality level remains on par with even the finest of digital artists.
What a monumental feat of hard work and disciplin it must be to produce something like this with watercolor. You work hard.

puimun's picture

Thank you very much Marley!

puimun's picture

Of course I can. My sketchbooks are full of bad ones. I just try not to post those too often.

mermalior's picture

Holy... It is great! Cold but fresh because your greens, detailed as your all pics, and it seems like a big crossword. With many hidden faces, shapes and stories. You CAN'T do bad pics. And it is sad:))))

thrax-1's picture

jeebers Shock,thats just incredible work stephanie,i love the way you paint your characters,they seem to flow with the environment,not compete,you have to be proud of your talent stephanie!.

Art at its best.