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Added: Oct 16, 2003
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'Fire and water, mingled and glowing in an unnatural harmony. Little flames encapsulated in an embrace that can-not-be dance upon Their fingertips, dance upon the surface of the waves, twirl in silent pirouettes, and gleam like golden pearls far, far below. They are like will-o-wisps of the cold depths.'
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lostspirit's picture

You've got to be my favourite ever artist Smile

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your work is awesome

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Im Aglae Arroyo and all i want to said that your work is great!!!!!!!

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your picture is so beautyfull, is pretty know that some persons have magic in their hearts, like you. Sorry my english is bad Smile

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Your picture is so beautyfull, is pretty know that some persons have magic in their harts,like you.

j-art's picture

brathtaking - your art is awe inspiring - sorry i got no time to comment all of your work but be sure each and every one of it is a real joy to look at - all my respect to the artist

frodo's picture

I like the fins, come wings, must be one of those flying mermaids that sailors find in the bottom of there boats...I can feel a story coming on... better go and lying down!...

Guest's picture

This is absolutely stunning! I think the amount of detail on the mermaid is great - I especially like the variation in size of the scales and the gradation of color in her tail and fins.

puimun's picture

Thanks Marley! Well, I need some variety once in a while. Prior to this one and the "Catknot" I just did a week ago, I haven't done anything digital in ages.

puimun's picture

Yeah, you're right, it does look more swampish than seaish. I didn't really plan any colors. Just kept painting until the colors looked good to me!

puimun's picture

Heh. You know, everyone keeps saying that, though to me, it looks very different! I get comments that my pencil also looks like my watercolors. Smile

rita's picture

Stephanie, soon we cant see any difference in the beauty of your paintings. If you paint in watercolor or digitaly... So charming!

feral's picture

This and DreamWeb are my favorites among your digital artwork.
Beautiful depiction of merfolk although the aquatic surround strikes me more as some murky swamp lake rather than sea...

thrax-1's picture

LOL, when i see "Stephanie law" by default i expect to see water colour,so when i saw this i went,WOW that looks like digital ^^.Its digital 'shakes my head' -,-*.Fantastic peice stephanie!.

Art at its best.