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Added: Dec 12, 2003
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A white angel...

This pale creature was mainly a result of my wanting to try using a lot of white on white. I thought it might be an interesting challenge.
Details can be found here: http://www.shadowscapes.com/details/whited.shtml

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Niesamowite!! beautiful Laughing out loud

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I'm not sure the white on white works out that well. At least, the background should've been darker to contrast the whiteness of the figure. I didn't like the little black wings because they stood out way too much in the picture and distracted me from everything else. Having said that, your technique is still very beautiful, and I really like the bird behind her ~Hydra

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white is always a hard colour to paint and since this is so predominantly white the task is even harder; beautifully executed; whenever you add red to a painting it brings life to it; and it shows here ; just a little touch of red brings it to life:its awesome but uve heard that a thousand times before; beautiful control of colour

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Stephanie, your art has provided me with hours of enjoyment. Thank you so much!

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Stunning and inspirational

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The reason you don't see pencil lines, is this one is digital. Smile So there are no pencil lines at all. But yes, for my watercolors, I still do that to prepare the image before starting to paint.

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Your artwork is obviously amazing, you have heard this countless times I am sure. I was admireing your detail shots and have to admit I am stunned, I virtually can see no pencil lines, seems so clean and fresh. I have always wondered about your technique however, you say that you scan it into the computer then print it out, trace it in graphite and then use your thumbnail to transfer the lines. Is this still your technique? As your paintings have became so much clearer and stronger recently. Your style inspires me Ms. Law, thank you for sharing it.

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stephanie you know you are a outstanding talent - each of your immages is able to take me in a dreamland - and belive me not much immages are really able to do that with me - thanks so much for your art, your mind must be a really wonderful place...

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Thanks! I'm thinking to try a reverse one with all blacks....

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No need to apologize! I actually am happy to hear that. I didn't want it to be simply a soft and pretty image, and so it's nice to hear you say it had an edge.

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Yes, I did a rough sketch of the angel's upper body that I scanned first, and the rest was done in photoshop.

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stephanie, this is just beautiful!!! wow! stunning work! love it! Laughing out loud

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Lovely. The colour blend is very interesting and I keep spotting new things to catch my attention. Smile

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do you sketch and scan?or is it totaly digital?.It is fantastic work!,such a high skill level.and beautifully rendered.Great work!

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I'd just say it's icy cold.....^^
I love the little red things...^^ very cute....^^ When I look at your picture before it finished loading, I thought the little red heart was drops of blood and the crescent was her weapon.... Laughing out loud :D Sorry...^^ but when it finished loading, I understand it was a crescent Laughing out loud Great job on the feathers!!! Very detailed!!!! I love it!!!

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This is absolutely stunning, Steph! I agree with Ken - it's a success! With just those little touches of colour - striking!

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I'd say you succeeded....but, you know my favorite part? That little tiny black wing.....

Art at its best.