Blue Rose by puimun

Blue Rose

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Added: Jan 29, 2004
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Wraparound cover image for this game: They have some wallpapers of this available there. Also, details here:

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puimun's picture

Thanks Chris! I don't mind the critics. Can't always be hearing the good or my head will get puffed up! Smile

caitmf1's picture

hi steph;just thought id drop by to see the new masterpeices; and again am really blown away; the detail; the story in the mural is beautiful and its just so beautifully balanced; why is it always those who criticize are always registered as guests; i find it a beautifully balanced painting:

puimun's picture

It is 18x29 inches.

Guest's picture

I'm floored by the details and the color execution. How large *is* this picture btw?

flingling's picture

Your watercolours are some of the most beautiful I have seen. I like your exciting compositions and wonderful colours. Very inspiring!

Guest's picture

How the hell did you do this? I love that knot? Did you create it yourself? Very good! I do have one critism... the figure at the bottom with the stag seems to drushed and undetailed compared to the lavish work uptop. It's like you added him in the last minute. I'd redo the detail on the man and the deer.

mermalior's picture

Totally AWESOME! Wink

puimun's picture

Yep, it's a deer. Thanks, Dean!

Guest's picture

(O_O) perfect!

sdeanbloom's picture

You have the patience of a goddess, Stephanie! The datails in your work boggles the mind. Love that deer(?) and the flowing cape-thingie!

goddessart's picture

Stephanie, what a lovely piece...your sense of design is superb...everything is beautifully done here. What a Goddess you are!

christar's picture

That is just beautiful.

puimun's picture

Well, it actually got postponed. It will definately be sometime before Gencon (August), but I don't have a date. We are going to use publishers in china instead so that it's cheaper and thus the book can be made into 64 pages rather than just 48. Are you on my mailing list? If not, you can join it here:

frodo's picture

I love the freeze in the background Steph!...hey Your book with your wonderful illustration and poetry must be comming out soon, so where can get my hand on one...

puimun's picture

Hehe. After I get the chance to do my own first!

puimun's picture

Well thank you for the kind words. Smile

puimun's picture

About 50 hours! All stuffed in the week before gencon, so I was racing to finish it in time.

puimun's picture

Ah, no I didn't post any high rest of that section, although if you go to the link I have above, I believe in the big wallpaper versions they have it should be visible.

jlwilliamson's picture

Your capacity for extraordinary - yet not overwrought - detail continues to astound and delight me. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!

k-t-roo's picture

this is gorgeous steph, it must have taken you ages with all that detail. spectacular stuff!

rita's picture

Steph, you are so incredible -- I haven't words to describe, how gorgeous this painting is... So, I only say THANK YOU for sharing it with us.

Guest's picture

The color, the details the theme... I'm on overload! Incredible work!

rhiamon's picture

How very, very lovely! Such a vibrant palette here, and a lovely mood! I want walls like that! Will you come and decorate my studio for me? Wink

sven's picture

Please excuse me while I gush... ahem, holy crap is that a great picture! The mural on the wall is simply mind-blowing.

Guest's picture

Wow, I lvoe how you added so much detail to the banner-like thing at the top with dolphins and other characters. Amazing watercolor work! It must have taken ages.

arikla's picture

Beautiful! Though, I can't make out some ofthe detail on the "banner" part of the background, do you have a close-up of it?

thrax-1's picture

Gorgeous stephanie!.Too much to talk about here,i'll just say bloody gorgeous image!.Must have taken ages Wink.

illustrus's picture

I love this picture. It is gorgeous. I just cant stop looking at it. That is an amazing rack of antlers to very nice.

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