Chessmates by puimun


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Added: May 14, 2004
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What else is there to do while idling away the hours in a forest?

Actually, while doing this, it reminded me of this group of old Chinese men who meet down a few blocks from where I live every morning to play Chinese chess. There's always a crowd of them looming over the pair who are playing (of which there are only two or three) and all offering their advice and comments at once.

Details here:

Watercolor, 16x22 inches

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Œwietny!! Wrêcz bajerancki!! Laughing out loud wonderful!!

Guest's picture're style is amazing and breathtakingly beautiful. I especially love your use of color and the way you make the hair, clothes and faces. This one I particularly love because I'm such a tree fan. ^^

puimun's picture

my boyfriend keeps trying to get me to play with him, and at first I was going to make the tree look like him, but it turned out otherwise (the tree had it's own ideas how it should look). But yeah, I've played him numerous times and only won once so far!

puimun's picture

Yeah, i've gotten attached to these tones for my forests in last few pieces.

wolfvayne's picture

Oh this is such a classic - I love those purple and yellow tones as always :] The female looks like she's the challenger; very confident of herself!! Beeeautiful Laughing out loud

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Okay, wow. The details are gorgeous. Simply masterful. Am in awe...again....I have so much to learn about watercolors...

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Weeeee! Details...*clicky*

cornerelf's picture

I really like the trees, very fluid and graceful. I like foxes too, very cute animals.

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This is brilliant! ...but then thats what I would always expect from one of yours steph. I wasted many hours playing chess at art collage against a master( well compared to me he was), I must of played him fifty times and one wrong move at the early stages and he was all over you like a rash!ha ...still I did beat him twice and that was very satisfying!.. Yes loads of charm in this piece...

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This is a wonderful painting, expressiv character, beautiful sensitiv colors

Art at its best.