Tarot : 3 - The Empress by puimun

Tarot : 3 - The Empress

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Artwork Stats
Added: Jul 19, 2004
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Artwork Description

The empress - creativity, nurturing, abundance, fertility, experiencing the senses, and embracing the natural.

For details, -Click Here-

Medium: Watercolor
Size: 8.5x14 inches

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Thanks Raymond! I'm glad you enjoyed looking at my work. I had a lot of fun at gencon, and yes it was rather profitable as well. Wink

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I got to see a lot of Stephanie's work today at Gen Con in Indie. In fact, she was working on a piece while I perused some of her originals. I was extremely impressed by the way she mixes soft, delicate shading with bold, flowing line. She was sandwiched in between Larry Elmore and Jeff Easley. ...very appropriate for her level of expertise! --To Ms. Law, I hope the hard work is paying off in cold cash! You're an inspiration.

puimun's picture

The Fool is traditionally 0. So by that count, yes the empress is 3.

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The card in tarot 'Empress' is numer 4 not numer 3

White Wicca Mastrer

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Thanks so much Jeff!

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this really is a standout piece in an already exceptional gallery. your colors and rhythms are a tonic for the soul kiddo. i suspect you get as much pleasure from laying them down as i (and so many others) do from lapping them up. er, put me in line behind terry for a copy of that book....

puimun's picture

I was very happy with how this turned out, so I think so too! Thanks!

frpnavarro's picture

Definitely your best work, so far.

daniela's picture

your art is breathtaking. nothing more to say.

contemplator's picture

I love the vibrancy of colors Smile

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Beautiful work, Stephanie! your details blow me away! excellent as always!

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It's very beautiful! I like your pictures))) Ýòî èñêóññòâî!

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love it always when you suddenly add new ideas and colours and styles into your confident style xoxoxoxo like here the roses and then the butterflies forming a circle, a symbol of continuation

puimun's picture

Well terry, you know that IS the advantage of getting it straight from the artist. Smile I will be happy to sign it for you. And yes, it is still on track. It will be available in a couple of months.

frodo's picture

Lovely image steph...is you book still on track, how much will it be becuase I would like one,it maybe a bit cheeky but preferably with your signature inside it...

puimun's picture

Yes, I'm doing the whole deck. It will probably take a couple of years to finish, so it will be a while yet before it is available.

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Your work never ceases to amaze me. I hope someday my work will compare to yours!

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Asolutely Beautiful! I'm a huge fan of your work! I do have a question though... Will you be making the entire deck AND will you be selling them once it is (might be) completed? I'd love to have one!!!

Again Wonderful!

puimun's picture

*SHHHH!* You're not supposed to tell anyone else that I do that! It's a secret!!! Laughing out loud

varian's picture

A very delicate and beautiful interpretation.

griffingirl's picture

Cool, Steph! What an awesome use for the Image Sprayer! *nudge nudge, snicker!* But seriously, this deck is gonna be fabulous....

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I have nothing clever to say... Just in awe Wink

rita's picture

Steph, I saw this painting and immediately fall in love with it!!! Cant express how touching it is...

kizalon's picture

very sensitive and beautiful... love those peachy colours Smile

Art at its best.