The First Last Unicorn by puimun

The First Last Unicorn

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Added: Aug 31, 2004
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Cover illustration for Peter S. Beagle's upcoming collection THE FIRST LAST UNICORN AND OTHER BEGINNINGS, which will be coming out from Tachyon Publications sometime in late 2004/early 2005. To find out more about the book and its scheduled release date, go to

No, it's not a reprinting of the last unicorn, but instead contains previously unpublished chapters (from The Last Unicorn, as well as other books) and stories by Peter.

And regarding the appearance of the unicorn --
To those of you familiar with TLU, you already know how she is described in the book (or have seen the movie), but to the people who don't know, she's supposed to look less like "a white horse with a horn," than an altogether different type of creature. Thus, the deerlike head, the sinuous elongated neck, the lions tail, the thin legs and cloven hooves are all on purpose.

Image size: 11x18.5 inches

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I love the piece.The color scheme and the art is quite original.The anatomy of the unicorn is original I must say.

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Awesome work. I've seen your work all over the internet on different art sites and when I do I always click the link back to your own site to be amazed at the work you do. Keep it up!

(I also like the variation on the horse with horn idea. I've seen pictures before with the deer with horn idea, and makes for a good change, I enjoy finding the rare pictures of this kind of unicorn.)

puimun's picture

Yep, you can order the prints from shadowscapes now, though I won't be able to ship them until next week.

puimun's picture

That coming from the master of ornamental designs himself! Thanks merm!

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Steph i want this one...i said when you showed me it before that it would be somehting special and youve proved me right. i think its one of my favorate unicorn pictures ive ever seen. are you going to do a print run of it?

mermalior's picture

Incredible ornamental design. You are fantastic Steph!!

puimun's picture

No intentional likeness for that one!

frpnavarro's picture

The figure of the woman, the one by the unicorn's knee, is that another self-portrait?

puimun's picture

It does sound like it could be fun to try out! Smile

christar's picture

It's something a friend told me about, and something I would like to do someday because there is big money it. A faux painter is basicly a high-class mural painter, here in southwest Florida it is very much in demand. People can make $100.00-$350.00+ an hour Faux Finishing, or even $8,000+ per wall painting landscapes, designs and textures in a wealthy person's home. I think people would go bananas over some of the awesome things you could paint for them. You'd be a millionaire in no time. If I had your skills, I would try it out at least once for the fun of it.
It's like a mixture of Fine art and regular old house painting. They have classes on it where they teach you how to make cool marbelized textures similar to what you have in your background here. You get to use all kinds of cool paints and brushes and stuff. I think your celtic knotwork would look great along the top or bottom of somebody's wall. Ah well, just an idea. Smile

rita's picture

Steph, it is just wonderful -- like all your paintings!

varian's picture

This is a beautiful work. I look forward to seeing it on the new book. The unicorn is very well done, and I love the designwork up the right and the eye-delicious background tones and texturing.

puimun's picture

What's a faux painter...?

puimun's picture

Well, too late for the changes, since it's watercolor, but thanks!

christar's picture

I love the marbelized textures you create with water colors. I think you could be an awesome faux painter.

portalrun's picture

Beautiful image and design...really like your backround details...

frodo's picture

Nice work Steph...seems quite a difficult brief to visualize. I really like the way you did the Unicorns mane and the background is superb as always...

frpnavarro's picture

... I think the horn should be pointing a little more to the right and to the back. But that's just me. Cool

frpnavarro's picture

Just yesterday I told the people at GFXartist that when you finally finish coloring your Last Unicorn pieces, most of the critics would be silenced. Judging by the contrast and details of this pic, I was right. This one's absolutely gorgeous, true to the spirit of the original unicorn myth (not just Beagle's).
However (don't you just hate howevers and buts)%2

Art at its best.