5 - The Hierophant by puimun

5 - The Hierophant

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Artwork Stats
Added: Sep 21, 2004
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The hierophant - His roots are deep reaching, entwined around secrets and traditions and the ages. Ritual and cermony, pursuing knowledge and deeper meaning, the rigidity of a belief system.

Details: http://www.shadowscapes.com/details/05hierophantd.shtml
Medium: Watercolor
Size: 8.5x14 inches

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mermalior's picture

amazing pic Steph!

margaret's picture

Wow, I stared at this piece for such a long time. I am entranced by the details. Beautiful.

puimun's picture

Random little details sometimes will do the trick!

puimun's picture

It'll be a bit of a wait! But stick around and I'll eventually get it done. Laughing out loud

puimun's picture

Oh yes, I had fun with it! Especially the little striped tails on the aspiring lizards. Saved those little guys for last!

puimun's picture

Thanks a lot ken! That green area is my favorite part. Smile

puimun's picture

Rita, thanks!
Took a bit of mulling over before I could come up with something for the Hierophant, as it's not a card I can really relate to in its traditional form. So this was a tough one!

nezumi's picture

I don't know why.. but for some reason his foot is what really makes this picture for me ^_^

kenmeyerjr's picture

Man, I love this palette...those greens on the bottom are really gorgeous...fast becoming one of my faves, Steph (I mean, your stuff in general).

j-art's picture

your art is always a real feast for the eyes - and so awe inspiring - thanks for sharing your visions!

frodo's picture

Inspiring Steph!... my eyes enjoy the journey as much as.. I think you did in creating this wonderful piece...

avisnocturna's picture

Great Picture! I love the soft colors.

Guest's picture

I can not wait for you to finish the whole series.
But I will wait, no matter how much it takes - It is the most beautiful tarot cards I have ever laid eyes on.

Guest's picture

nice as always I love all the patterns of the watercolour turning into shapes and the colours themselves

rita's picture

Steph, to paint the Hierophant as a 'tree' is a thoughtful idea. And you painted it as well as always!

Art at its best.