Gothic Faery by jagalbreth

Gothic Faery

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Artwork Stats
Added: May 01, 2002
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Wielding a moonstaff made of the blackest onyx, the Gothic Faery flashes a piercing gaze filled with dark enchantments. With her indigo wings held aloft, she stands defiantly in front of a full moon as her raven hair flows behind her in the night winds.

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this is a beautiful peace of captures the!

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i was wondering if you would mind if i made this a tattoo and placed it on my body........just asking before doing
thank you

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This is beautiful are there anymore like this dark and mysterious picture is so please put some out!

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i have only one word WOW

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I am stunned by your immagination and tallent.


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Beautiful expression, beautiful stance and I love how the moon adores her. I've been a fan of you for some time now, you're my main inspiration...and this is one of my favourites. Thanks for a sight into the fantasy world, Jessica.

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Wow...i simply love this piece. It honestly speaks to me and it's quite eye catching. Speaking of eyes...i'm noticing that her's are not the same color...or so it would appear on my screen. xD I really like don't see too much art out there where the subject has two mismatched eyes. Laughing out loud gotta love it

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you're probably not going to read this but i just want to say this is definately in my top ten favorite pictures!!! Mainly because she looks EXACTLY like me..... ~Nicki

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Hello Epilogue guest Smile

Yes - with the background, I did sprinkle salt into the wet background, but then after that, I took a wet paintbrush and let drops of water fall here and there on the salted and painted background - it makes a sort of tie died effect.

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this is so gorgeous and wonderful.. I so love Gothic stuff..
one question about the technique: did you rub salt on the background while the paint is still wet to create that effect?

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This pic rocks...its so....dark o.o...i love dark rp pics and such o.o well anyways! i love it!

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Thanks for all the kind comments Smile This one is one of my favorites. Donna, my secret trick on the background was: I used watercolors in dark purples, grays, blacks. Then, while still damp, I took a big brush, got it dripping wet with clean water and let water droplets splash onto the background. That makes those cool starburst effects Smile

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Marvelous wings!!

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This is just gorgeous! How on earth did you get those little pale sparkly things in the background? I have never been able to achieve that effect.

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I love her wings. They look like leaves Smile

Art at its best.