Changer of Days/avonbooks/harpercollins by vengince

Changer of Days/avonbooks/harpercollins

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Added: Aug 04, 2004
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Back to oils Smile

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i adore the camel-like creatures there fantastic

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Love the girl, 's'all. Mostly. The beasts are blessed with her.

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I'm very excitedto see your work posted on Epilogue as I'm a big fan and have your artbook Illumina in my collection. (picked it up at the San Diego Comic-Con last year!) As always, your work inspires me... and I love your critter-design! My personal favorite color-schemes you use combine fiery golds and reds (as you used in this one). love the way you paint red hair.

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Hi - I'm the author of "Changer of Days" - thank you SO much for an absolutely wonderful cover. It's an amazing piece of work - and I sure do appreciate the role that a great cover plays in the presentation of any book. VERY cool work!


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I'm really amazed at what one can do with oils! The clouds are extremely beautifull and the people very real life.. I am however curious as to the size of this painting (just as an indication of what I have to strive for) Thanks for the inspiration, you're great!

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Fantastic and most impressive image! The colors and atmosphere is amazing. Excellent!

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Thanks Ihsan for the kind words.

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thanks Socar, nice of you to drop by as always Smile

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Back to oils indeed - this painting is so pleasing to see, an incredible example of fantasy art... The dark foreboding clowds and the lighting are especially stunning!

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why can´t I comment??

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I visited your home gallery and I found it absolutely fantastic! It´s not only because you can paint and draw so well, it´s because the originality of your pics, they´re all so interesting and magical. You mix your ultimate skills with stunning creativity, and the result is amazing. =)

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Good one, JP! I am loving the lighting in this one: very, very creepy and dramatic. It makes me want to read whatever book this came from, just to get more of that juicy atmosphere. Two thumbs up.

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Thanks Bill!

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Thanks Tim, your words hit home my man and they are very much appreciated and respected. Your insight can only help me develop even more and possibly see how others view my works.

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Hey Uwe,
Man you are to kind, thank you very much for your words. If these pieces are enjoyed by my fellow artist then its that much more rewarding for me thanks alot man.

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Thanks Mark,hopefully I can move in a diffrent direction with some of this, I would hate to repeat myself.

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Thanks Amy!

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If there's anything that I really appreciate in your paintings is how you achieve such strong lighting to envoke moods that cater to the arts story. On occasion, to suggest "something evil this ways comes" or the ladder "There is a glimmer of shining hope through rays of light." It's the unassuming and subtle things that make your pieces so complete. Not to mention those rocking creature deisgns that should be on screen!

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you know i am for sure one of your biggest fans - i love your digital painting more than i can say - but to know that there is an original from your pieces in oil, is wonderful (and maybe one day i have enough money left that i can afford one of your originals) - to this piece of art above i really cant say to much cause i am really always speechless when i see a new one from you - i mean do you know the moment when you see a piece of art and you did not even breath - thats what always happens when i see one of yours - so again thank you so much for your visions and bringing them to life in form of breathtaking masterpieces - you rule!

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I've been trying to think of something sensible to say about these latest additions to your gallery, other than; oh wow! Awesome! etc. As usual you don't disappoint Jean-Pierre, I particularly like the textures on the various cloths here and the dramatic sky ( dare I say "desert storm" ), those horned crowns on the camel-things are great too. Top quality work mate.

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Great stuff! I love the beasts especially, very imaginative.

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Thanks Michell!

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Thanks Patrick..see u at dragon bro.

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thanks Diane!

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Thanks Simon,
ha ha attack camels..I like the sound of that watch those humps.

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thanks Schulnz!

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Thanks Marley,I have much to master, still learning alot, I hope to do better.

Art at its best.