A cavern of Black ice/tor books by vengince

A cavern of Black ice/tor books

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Added: Aug 04, 2004
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Guest's picture

Wow... The scenery, the people, particulary the evil horsemen runing in with the giant battle axes... You have done a very nice job here. The snow on the mountians and the dreary sky are done very nicely, as are the people and the horses. Again, good job.

vengince's picture

Ahh Tatiana, thanks so much.

vengince's picture

Your to kind Patrick, I appreciate the words man,I've felt lazy since I've discovered digital, its a hate and love thing.

fauna's picture

The textures are so beautiful-I especially like the flowing fur coat the female character is wearing!

megaflow's picture

J.P. - the day you posted this set of pics, I planned to comment - but got sidetracked and forgot. I just came by to see them again and realized my mistake, so now I write... Your Oil technique is so rich and textured, and you give all your pictures a crazy-mad energy that pops right out at me. Fine work as ever! Thanks for posting your pics for us.

vengince's picture

Cool name Lela :0 and thank you very much for the kind words.

saffiresword's picture

I have actually read this book and the second one, they are well written. What can I say that has not been said, hmm, not much execpt that it is great as always!!

vengince's picture

Thanks Tim, your comments are always so welcomed.

vengince's picture

as Always Uwe your comments are to kind my friend but I value them all the same , thanks so much. Natural media is the best.

vengince's picture

Thanks Nadine!

Guest's picture

hey ive read that book, but i cant remember is having a cover as cool as this. awesome work as always JP!

romanweb's picture

Oh HELL no! This is awesome!!!!
SO much for a profeesional critique.....

j-art's picture

thanks again for this lesson in art j.p. - drama and movement in this are impressive - and i really have to go back to natural media myself - i mean i love that digital medium with all its possibilitys - but whaen i see your new postings here - i really have to say there is some magig with a natural media painting which is not really to achieve with the digital media - thanks my friend, now i really have to go to go back to traditional media for some new pieces myself....

christar's picture

I was trying to imagine the multitude of brushs and other unique tools that you use to create your oil paintings, and I concluded that you must have a small wharehouse of art stuff.
Plus you probably have to wait for the painting to dry before you do a wash or proceed to another stage, and then there's the cost of the natural media materials and their health hazards (fumes) etc.
Digital doesn't have any of those problems ha ha!
So yeah,I can see how digital might make you a tad lazy. Smile
When you paint with oils, you're not painting with little square pixels, so an oil is always going to be more natural and fluid.
Plus you're not burning your retnas out looking at a monitor screen for 6 hours.
With an oil you've got more freedom in terms of work surface/area, and in my opinion, more control with the brush and brush textures etc.
And last but not least, an oil is a unique creation worth way more than a print of a digital painting.

whitelady's picture

This pic is awesome! I love the action in it, but especially how you captured anatomy and character. I´m speechless!

vengince's picture

Thanks Marley,I like the background the most in this one.

vengince's picture

thanks Chris! love oils..yhea but digital is making me lazy!

Guest's picture

oh this is wonderful! i love the book by J.V. Jones! this is such a good representation of it, tho im guessing the gurl on the horse is Asharia March? she looks a little wilder than the character in the book, but i still love this piece!^_^ - pixie

thrax-1's picture

Fantastic J.P. The action is very well done indeed. But i am fascinated with the very soft detail for the background!. Great piece J.P

christar's picture

Ahh everything's so fluid. You love oils don't ya. Also, good day to you Mr targete. Smile *bows*

Art at its best.