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Artwork Stats
Added: Sep 09, 2004
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Cover art for malhavoc press.

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Guest's picture

thats crazy man, im sketch in pencil...but my goodness i wish i had your talent! Brilliant!

vengince's picture

thanks Bjorn I wont,

panzersmurf's picture

Don't stop! Ever!!!! Laughing out loud

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Aww thanks Jeff that is very flattering coming from anyone but even more so from a wonderful artist like yourself, I've enjoyed viewing your stuff and cant wait to see more.

vengince's picture

Hey Patrick it was amazing finally meeting you, your not only a great artist but a stand up guy, hope to see you at future cons.

vengince's picture

Thanks Jeff!

vengince's picture

Thanks Varian for that explaination, I'm always amazed when others react the way you decsribed about my work, it's very flattering.

thejeff's picture

j.p. , i have got to tell you man, every time i see a new work of yours i am literally pulled back to the drawing board (which is not at all bad, as it is a push in the right direction)though it would be nice if you left the bar alone long enough for me to jump over it before you raise it again;)

megaflow's picture

Hey, what can I say - great movement, lighting and color. That's some cool dragon design, too! And once again - great seeing you at Dragon*Con! If anyone get's a chance to see your Oils in person, they should -- it's a whole different thing up-close.

jeffdurham's picture

Terrific light, subtle atmospherics and a dog-faced knight swinging an axe! Can't beat that! Simply beautiful.

varian's picture

It's an expression of amazement and awe, typically uttered by one who is otherwise left quite speechless. That'd be me upon first seeing this image. And after coming back to view it a few times, I'm still rather speechless ("he says as he writes a book..."), but at least I can clarify my initial reaction and also proclaim *wowie*! It boggles my mind (and my computer shivers as well) to imagine the dimensions your canvas must've been. Very well done! Smile

vengince's picture

Thanks so much Katy, its always a pleasure to read your comments.

vengince's picture

Ahh Chris thats a kind thing to say man, it makes me want to work harder and encourages me to keep going.

vengince's picture

Thanks so much Sean!

vengince's picture

Thanks M Hecht, my intentions were to give this a cinematic feel, not sure if it works but that was my intent.

vengince's picture

He he Uwe, your words are always filled with praise and I'm very thankful for them. Basically I try to improve myself when I can, its difficult sometimes. I hope I can keep producing and show others new and diffrent things as far as subject ect. Thanks so much again.

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Ha ha Ken thanks man!

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Thanks Rita

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Thanks Marley, Always good to hear your comments. I'm glad my digital and oils is starting to look like each other, that way my style carries through no matter my tools.

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thanks Andreas

vengince's picture

Thanks whatever zounds mean

k-t-roo's picture

wow JP, this is awesome!(and thats not a word i use lightly) The lighting on it is fabulous, i love it! your art is the kind that when i see it on the cover..i buy the book.

yrindale's picture

Holy hell JP, I think you somehow got even better than before....and that's friggin hard to say. Thank you so much for sharing what I would deem, 'the stuff inspiration is made of'.

pageaxe's picture

The atmosphere in this is just sick!Very cool JP!

hechtal's picture

WOW. Very powerful imagery going on here, fantastic cinema feel to it as well!

j-art's picture

Think I said it already – there are sooooo many wonderful talents here in epilogue or other art related community’s, but there are only very, very few which have just that “little bit” more than the others – that bit more talent, skill, whatever which let them stand out from the crowd – I don’t know what it is – but I can tell you some, here in epilogue, not much, but some – and you, my friend – you are definitely one of them – I can’t tell you exactly what it is what makes your images to something so special, I just know it is as it is…
I can’t thank you enough to share your work with us, so maybe some others can learn from them enough to get this “little bit” for themselves – thanks J.P.

Hey, and again I don’t say that to make you just some compliments(which you for sure would deserve), I say that cause it is what I think, and what I really believe!!!

And now I go back to my drawing board and work a little harder…..

sdavis123061's picture

My God, J.P. I am nearly at a loss for words here. Your digital skills just astound me. Such smooth, flowing color and fantastic lighting, great drama and detail. You are an inspiration to me. Stunning work!

rita's picture

No oil? Digital? WOW. Its amazing!

Art at its best.