"The Fair Folk" by vengince

"The Fair Folk"

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Added: Oct 22, 2004
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Book cover for Bookspan/Photoshop 3.0.5

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WOW! its one of best pictures what I evere seen! Its a wonderfull fairy tale.
I like this style and your woks too.I'm from Russia and in my country I haven't seen something like dis.I'm just learn to draw and i want to now all abought warld art. That is why i wanna say thanks to you an this web site.

PS: sorry for my English=)

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Its beautiful.. the more you look at it the more detail you see.

stungeon's picture

One of my favorites of yours, definitely. I bought the book mainly for the cover Smile

saffiresword's picture

Another favourite! That is some amazing details you have created Targete, I specially like the deatils of the leafes! Of course I like the rest of the picture too, you really capture the feeling of an old wood with these magical and mysterious creatures in it. Great work!

thejeff's picture

a very satisfying experience, this. extremely well-concepted. in my experience, obtaining the subtle lighting such as that used on that figure in the upper right requires real discipline and insight. bravo. the treatment of the environ creates the mood perfectly, and speaks to a larger world these folk inhabit. amusing aside: that furthest figure is lorraine newman formerly of snl right?(i will likely always reference this painting that way, lol)

vengince's picture

Thanks Bjorn, your comments are much appreciated.

panzersmurf's picture

Ooooh! What a pic! Nice, nice! The extremity of your work, makes my eyeballs pop out from time to time! Great as always....the colore, the mood, the fair folk! Keep it up!

vengince's picture

Thanks Katy glad you still visit my gallery, I'll have to make the ounds and visit yours.

k-t-roo's picture

this pic is really sinister...reminds me a bit of the elves from lords and ladies by terry pratchett. absolutely stunning pic as always though...more, more!!!

vengince's picture

Thanks Robert, There's still much to do much to learn.

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Thanks Uwe always a treat to see your post. Painting is fun but where I have learned the most is by drawing.

vengince's picture

Thank you Simon,I usually put detail in areas where I'd like the viewer to setlle a little and take a closer look.

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Thanks Bill.

vengince's picture

Thanks Rita

vengince's picture

Thanks Marley, I appreciate the comments

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Thanks Wenche

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What an AWESOME forest. Truly magical. I adore the lighting, colour and detail.

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Sometimes the are those moments when I look at a painting, and I start to shiver all over because it is so magic, and this is one of those moments, this piece really has it all. You are a god among artist that gives inspiration to us other artist....truly amazing

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Yup – now I am sure, YOU are the one who has all the talent!!! I really can’t tell you how much I love to see your work, thanks god that there are people like you out there who are able to paint pictures that make my heart beat faster – THANKS! – I really need more time for painting otherwise I will never be able to do art like that….

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Amazing in every respect. Your painterly handling of this is truly inspiring. It's one of the biggest problems I have in my own stuff - where to put details and where to miss them out, but you've mastered this perfectly.

bcorbett67's picture

Fantastic work as always JP Smile

rita's picture

I love the atmosphere there.

thrax-1's picture

gosh i'd love to do characters as great as these..just awesome tonality and detail...I say that alot don't I?.

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That is so wonderful! All the people in the painting are so well done, especially the woman in front. You really created a beautiful scene; everything looks so real and magical. Keep up the beautiful work and you will get far! /Sofie

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OMIFREAKINGGOD! This is incredible, JP! Geezus H. Christmas...the details on her belt, the atmospheric perspective (hey, see, I have learnt somethang in skool)...man, oh man.

Art at its best.