Dark Well by vengince

Dark Well

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Added: Oct 22, 2004
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Book cover for WOTC

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i wish i could create

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Loved the book, love the art.

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This reminds me a lot of the cover of the TSR novel "Darkwell" by Douglas Niles, but that cover was by Jeff Easley.

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for f*cks sake this is good...this one is really good...i saw thousands of pics here but this one is very good...

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Hey man, this is without any doubt one of the best pieces of art I've ever seen! Your art is incredibly detailed and just beutiful!

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Astoundingly beautiful, such imagination and talent you have... and only 21 years old! A bright future ahead of you, methinks.

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Your truely are amazing, J.P. Your artwork is ever inspiring to me.

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So beautiful!! It has a lot of action, good composition etc etc. LOVELY!!

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J. P., this is a powerful image. I love the action, detail and POV. You really captured the menace and energy in this one, and very dramatically at that. The demon one that I'd be afraid of. Good job creating something magical while working within the constraints WoTC put on you.

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Thanks Terry!

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Your work so consistantly excellant. Very inspiring.

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Aww shucks thanks Chris,I'm happy that my old covers are still around thats pretty amazing, I remember being in NJ when I painted that cover. Each piece has a whole slew of memories to go with them.
Trust me man its my honor to be among such great talents and friends like yourself.

thanks buddy.


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I just wanted to tell you that I picked up a book with your art on it today; "A Stainless Steel Rat Is Born".
I was looking at a bunch of science fiction novels and the one with your work really stoodout, I saw your signature and bought it immediately. I love studying your art, the tremendous amount of hardwork and technical mastery is evident throughout. It's such an honor to have my art displayed on the same website as yours J.P., your the best.

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Now that is something you dont want to come out of the garden pond, lol. fantastic work JP, i just love your paintings.

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Thanks Robert, he he I try not to make boring images, I try to create stuff I would like if that makes sense.

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Thanks as always Uwe, I think you can do something like this now.

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Thanks Simon, I hate doing perspective and try to avoid it at all cost he he.

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Thanks Kirsi!

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Thanks Tiina

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Thanks Danny that was kind of you to say. I hope to do another book and definately with all the new stuff.

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Thanks Chris, glad to inspire.

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Too Kind Marley, Yhea I couldnt go to wild on the design. Stuck to what was described.

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J.P. I bet you know what I think of it Wink – MASTERPIECE!!!!! – I really have to work harder if I ever want to able to do stuff like that! – again thanks for the lesson in art!

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Top class work yet again. What impresses me most about this one is the perspective of the people on the ground, it's dead on. Beastly Wink

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wooow!! This is stunning! That demon kicks ass! Awesome work Laughing out loud

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This is also a good one.

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It is great to see more work from you. I look forward to some day being able to buy a second volume of your work with all the cool stuff you are doing now in it Cool. Some day, maybe just maybe I will be good enough to feel worthy to have my art mentioned in the same sentence as yours but that is a ways away still. This piece is really awesome. I hope those litle people have some tricks up their sleave 'cause otherwise they are toast.

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This work crackles with raw power! I perservere to achieve the same level of energy in my own artistic efforts! You are a great inspiration man!

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ooooo, thats brilliant work J.P. This creature has such a *Ray Harryhaussen/sp?* effect, of course i'm going to say i loved those movies ^^.. it really is tremendous work jp. Good to see new stuff ^^.!

Art at its best.