Battle hell by vengince

Battle hell

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Artwork Stats
Added: Nov 06, 2004
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Well this image was done with natural media I used the great "Elcoro" technique. If your wondering who Elcoro is just follow this link : just look at his sketchbook section, he's a buddy of mine and a great artist. He uses a technique with marker ink wash and colored pencils with gouache.
Anyway this image doesn't have any focus or set color plaette, just having fun with the gestures and characters. More to come.

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kuk's picture

fantastic, the textures are awesome ans a chaotic sceen

thejeff's picture

richly textured and vital. my first thought was 'doodling of the gods' or some such, as some kind of welling up of past lessons and insights that demand expression, in a manner and with skill the dorm room devotee dreams of on a good day.

j-art's picture

What a great technique!!!! – such interesting and amazing textures!!! – Always when I think I know your work, you come up with something completely different – this time in technique – but what is always so very unique by your work is that special targete mood what you are able to achieve with your paintings – think this is what one could call style...
J.P. you are such an amazing and really, really stand out artist – thanks for all your lessons in art, thanks for sharing your imagination with us – damn – I sound again like a little fan boy, but hell I am a fan of your outstanding art!!!!!! – I just hope to meet you in person one day, this is definitely on the top of my whish-list Wink

goddessart's picture

Beautiful work J.P.! The color, the depth - everything is gorgeous. Wicked cool.

rita's picture

J.P. this is kinda scary... Does the ugly ones in the background hold an "Angel" ?? The color schema is cool!

vengince's picture

ha ha Jenny you did leave a blank post, its cool though! thanks alot for the comments its fun when you make happy mistakes that are actually interesting and not the normal old technique.

vengince's picture

Ha ha Chris you will be surprised one day, dont give me idea about that graphic novel Wink.

vengince's picture

Thanks Jeff, maybe controled chaos is the word I might describe it as. Smile

vengince's picture

Ha ha Thanks Marley, man I see much mistakes and stuff that could be cleaned up he he, its never finished is it?

jlwilliamson's picture

Ack! I just noticed that it didn't post my text! The NERVE. *sigh* Anyway....I was just chiming in to agree with you. El Coro is the man, isn't he? *grin* This piece is just brilliant. Your "playing" is so good! You still managed to make a painting that has real interest and focus, even if you didn't plan it that way.

christar's picture

Hey this is really fresh and innovative stuff, it seems almost therapeutic! And what a dynamic composition, I wish you would illustrate a comic with layouts like this and a similar storyline...Cool idea!

jeffdurham's picture

Excellent and frantic! I really like the look you're getting with the technique. As for your creating this without a focus, I think it turned out to be a terrific composition. Very dynamic.

thrax-1's picture

This fun piece for you, is my favourite so far. That creature in the backdrop is just brilliant!. its the colour scheme for it, the lighter greens for the head to the blues and reds for the torso, well thats my favourite part anyhow!.

Art at its best.