Quag Keep and Return to Quag keep/special edition by vengince

Quag Keep and Return to Quag keep/special edition

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Artwork Stats
Added: Mar 28, 2006
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This is the cover for the special addition of the book by Andre Norton and Jean Rabe for the the SF book club. For these type of "band of heroes" pieces are always challenging for me. I've always enjoyed stories where a band of strangers meet up and go on crazy adventures, getting to know one another on the way.

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Thanks Christopher, sorry about turnin off the anonymous comments, was getting some annoying ones.

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I know I already commented on this anonymously, but I have to comment again because it annoys me when my anonymous comments don't show up (I'm sure you have your reasons for turning them off). I just want to say that I love that old rennaissance oil painting look that you achieve, it reminds me a lot of Rembrandt. Chiaroscuro, I love that word. I love your art!!!

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Thanks Uwe, I post for people like yourself who enjoy art like I do.

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thnaks Ahmet

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Thanks James, textures are alot of fun to play with.

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thanks Walt, been awhile man where ya been?

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Thanks Matthew

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Thanks Chris, I love gritty artwork glad you liked it.

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thanks Kirsi glad you like it. Smile

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Thanks Pierre, my middle name is Pierre Smile.

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Thanks Rita, glad find them belivable, lots of fun painting them.

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thanks Siravlenta!

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Sooooooo good to see something new from you, are you still working for NC soft? If so, I'm glad you still find the time to do cover art like this one from time to time. J.P. this piece is really awesome. Hope you are well and things are good. All the very best my friend! Hope to see more stuff from you soon.....

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I wouldn't even know where to start rendering for this piece, j.p. Brilliant work, glad to see more, naturally. The use of green in this is quite unconventional, very nice ^^.

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very cool... Great composition. Excellent work.. Congratulations.

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Stunning work as always, JP, your details and textures never cease to amaze and delight me!

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Beautiful piece, J.P.

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Wow, I always love those dark color schemes you go with and the gold colors and lighting. I know you must have reproduced some Rembrandt paintings and other old master works to help you achieve this style, no? And the clouds, always so much life in your clouds. And the depth cues and depth of field, you really know what you're doing in that regard as well. I will always envy your talents, and in the meantime, I will keep trying to aspire to your level and those of the other Epilogue greats. Good to see a fresh post from you J.P.!

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excellent pic, great atmosphere and characteres

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Kewl beans JP! I love the work you did on this. It gives off a very gritty feel Smile. As usual a very compositionally sound piece with some cool lighting!

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Brilliant job !! Great costumes, characters and atmosphere! I really love this Smile

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Brilliant work as usual. The sense of depth and lighting are amazing. Thanks for posting this new piece.

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Just wonderful done, JP! You painted those strangers so believable!

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Cool pic J.P.! Like the styling and composition. Smile

Art at its best.