DragonFly by cari


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Added: Dec 30, 2000
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For some reason I've had this fascination with dragonflies lately...not too sure why. For some reason though they've been stuck in my head! I just had to use them somehow in a painting...and being as I also liked mythical dragons, I got to thinking what a dragon-dragonfly hybrid would look like. He'd be small, and probably very iridescent, and awful cute! And so DragonFly was born. The Celtic maid on a riverbank tempting the wee dragonfly to land, with lots of knots to frame them!

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I totally love this image. I think that is why I got into Dragonflies; the same reason as you. They symbolize transformation. Is this in the book. Can I buy a print of this?

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I'm surprised this doesn't have more comments. It's a beautiful picture. I loved the stylized look. The tree is really cool looking, and the border is awesome Smile

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This piece is very cute!

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Beautiful! I've been dabbling in celtic knots myself and I have to say, that is great knotwork! I love the folds in the cloak too Smile

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Well done Gary Allen, you have again providied me with an interesting and thought filled piece of writing. Your style is one that the reader can really be caught up in. When will you be releasing your work in book form.

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Gorgeous celtic-knot border.

Art at its best.