no more tears by brushfyre

no more tears

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Added: May 19, 2002
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after the last heart beat

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Did you know that experiment was conducted to find the weight of a soul? After dying, the deceased was compared in weight with its normal weight. Apparently, the human soul weighs as much as a big toe.

brushfyre's picture

Thanks, You must be talking about the movie Ghost. It does kinda look like a scene in the movie, but in the movie they don't turn younger as they lift out of there body. Thanks for your comment!

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you know what this picture really reminded me of that film that went with the song unchain melody. it really show power and emotions
A master piece

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I too have had a similar experience with passing relatives in a hospital.very profound piece you have here,very apt tittle,Brilliant image Wink :sniff:

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Thanks for your comments! Smile

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makes death look like a peaceful time instead of the doom and gloom, along with dread that everyone else seems to put on it.....great insight as to the last heart beats of a person

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I love the detail that you have put in this picture. It shows a positive view on the last stages of life.

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Thanks Socar!:}

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Wow, that's a fantastic concept! I really love how the years seem to melt off the face as the ghost rises out of the wasted body! Great stuff!

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What a great concept. This was really well done, Jim.

brushfyre's picture

Thanks Luis!

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I really dig this one. Captures many feelings. You represented death in a very positive way.

brushfyre's picture

Thank you Diadra, Trying to keep the likeness and bring back her youth was the toughest part of this pic! Thanks for your comment!

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This is absolutely amazing! It makes me think of my grandmother who passed away in 97'. She didn't die in the hospital, but she had gone through a lot and was ready to go on....(brushes tear away). I'm still novice at art, but I must say this is amazing!

brushfyre's picture

Thanks Daniel!

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This is fantastic! I like this metallic color and the yellow light. Very good rendering!!! When I'm looking through your gallery, I have to mention that your skills dealing with light and it's colors are impressing!

brushfyre's picture

Thanks Diane! I had a close relative in the hospital at the time this came to me. Not that I wanted her to pass!

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Really wonderful piece.

brushfyre's picture

Thank you!!

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great piece, great consept !!!

brushfyre's picture

Thank you Lina!!
Wish i had noticed her hand being out of wack before I sent this in tho!

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this is so precious! and well illustrated! i love how she gets younger and restores to her once possessed beauty as she rises out of herself. such solace. precious.

Art at its best.