Quanto È Bello L'Ultimo Tramonto (End of the World Sunset) by socar

Quanto È Bello L'Ultimo Tramonto (End of the World Sunset)

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Added: Oct 11, 2003
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I used to have a really scratchy LP of "La Bohème", and I misheard the line "Volevi dire--bella come un tramonto" as "Quanto è bello l'ultimo tramonto" (which very nearly makes sense, in fact). I didn't realize I had misunderstood the words until I got a CD years later. Anyhow, I liked the misheard lyrics, so I decided to make a picture about them. Even if this is the last night ever, these scruffy ol' rats don't care. They are enjoying the late summer warmth.

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this wuz GORGUS!!!!!i loved it so much!i really liked the way you made the rats look so peaceful, and the end of the worls so calm...i am also a big animal fan so i like the way you use rats in a lot of your work!

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oh my this is so...special! the title, the colors, the...rats, end of the word and song lyrics... it's just so eerie, beautiful and sad! how do you do it?

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Wonderful colors, and such cute rats! I don't really like rats that much...actually I don't like them at all, but on your pictures they look so nice and fluffy I almost want to pet them Smile

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It looks as if the medium is oil. Very good use of the browns and yellow.

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this picture.... its beautiful. i'm one of those people who ADORE rats. everyone else thinks they're just dirty sewer rats with no reason for existance, and usually think they're ugly. you however, bring out the beauty and admiration in these wonderful creatures. your artwork is amazing and i love how you respect these animals enough to draw them so beau

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I'm only an aspiring artist, and find your particular gallery quite inspiring, especially when im having a hard time believing a lot of them are digital and not acrylic or oil. how on earth?? im in love! --"toady"

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Thanks! It's digital (way too broke for oils right now). The correct lyrics meant "You meant to say 'beautiful as a sunset'". (The girl is dying, and her lover says she's still as lovely as the sunrise, but she tells him he got the wrong time.)

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Your pictures have so much feeling...Is this oil or digital?
I love the look on the right rat's face....You obviously care for the animals deeply and know them very well.

Lovely warm feeling to a dark subject too...what were the correct lyrics anyway? (in English...)

Art at its best.