Where I hang my phoenix coat when I'm not wearing it, what I feed my spotted rat, and other mysteries by socar

Where I hang my phoenix coat when I'm not wearing it, what I feed my spotted rat, and other mysteries

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Added: Oct 16, 2003
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This is not actually new work--I did this ages ago, but it looked so shabby next to the Martin Johnson Heade painting I was using for reference I decided it was a failure and put it away. I got it out again today and decided it wasn't so bad. Anyway, this is a picture of this ugly tailless rat I used to have. The rat's name was Shakespeare. It's supposed to be in the style of the Hudson River School, but I didn't nail it. That mysterious lighting effect still eludes me.

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the rat is quite sweet.whole painting is verry good.


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Its splendid image, this little rat looks great!

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the title is a bit long but I think that it adds to it

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Lovely piece Socar. I think you did a decent job trying to imitate the Hudson Bay Style. Most of my studies in that area have been with the works of George Inness so perhaps my view of their style is skeweed since he was a divergent member. Very nice.

One other thing i thought i would mention... look up at the google ads. "Electronic Pest Control" & "eliminate rats and mice" hahha. I think the sponcers have it in for you, heh.

take care socar.

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love the colors ! great clouds too!!

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nice title. had you kept writing it, the image could have ended up being the preview FOR the title. Smile lol
very nice color selection and attitude in this one.

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I knew you had to put your stuff back into the spotlight again, Socar!..for you it is probably a pain! but for those of us who missed the magic of your creations, it is a second serving of eye sweeties.......love it!

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That lighting is so beautiful, Socar! Have you ever seen those old flamish landscapes by Breughel and others? I was to an exhibition last week and I had to think so often of your pics! They shine like yours do.

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I love your clouds, and you're the only one that can make rats look beautiful.

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I swear I can smell the hamster bedding through the monitor... Ha! Just kidding! just kidding Socar! I couldn't resist.

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thanks for posting it - be sure it is not to bad, it is just another awe inspiring work from you - wow -

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That rat isn't ugly, it's adorable. I like it's fur.

Art at its best.