The Lesser Short-Necked Spatulate Vulture by socar

The Lesser Short-Necked Spatulate Vulture

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Artwork Stats
Added: Jan 14, 2004
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An illustration for this silly story: The Forks' Tale -- you can also see the Birds with Long Tongues here. More to follow.

"If one has remembered to pack a butterfly net, one might enjoy a diversion popular in the region--catching a tiny short-necked vulture to take home. Don't let the name mislead you: these diminutive birds bear only the faintest resemblance to the bloodthirsty carrion-eating vultures of the New World. Indeed, they make excellent pets, and, once their tongues have been split (vertically, like a snake's), lively conversationalists as well. There's no need to cumber oneself with a cage: the Lesser Short-Necked Spatulate Vulture can be tucked easily into a pocket."

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I really dont know how I found this site but im being delighted with your pictures. your sweat stuff blends realism with a simple touch of fantasy that makes it all magic!your work is stunning!

(A Spanish illustrator wannabe. please excuse any written mistakes)

megaflow's picture

Oh, heck! The dreaded cut-off comment bug on the last one... It's fun and well drawn, that's all!

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Hi! I meant to comment on this earlier but was remiss. It's very pretty! Your linework is delightfully loose, but never at the expense of the forms. Or, what I mean to say is, the lig

caitmf1's picture

nice;; your a very diversified artist but a common theme you always come back to is ur love of animals:

swisnie's picture

Socar, another wonerful pen & ink. Great detailing in the vegetation. Very intricate without overpowering the birds rendering.

blueunicorn's picture

A delightful illustration, Socar. Wonderfull done!

Art at its best.