Carnivorous Hedgerow by socar

Carnivorous Hedgerow

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Artwork Stats
Added: Apr 14, 2004
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Artwork Description

A small dead rat being sucked up by some hungry plants (also my first submission to Raster!

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socar's picture

What a wonderful compliment! I'm so glad you enjoy my rat art--rats have always been my favourite thing to draw, and it's always great to find someone who appreciates them for the lovely animals they are!

Guest's picture

God, how I love your rats. Actually your rats are what led me to Epi in the first place(was looking for pictures of rats of course). I think you capture the essence of rats. It's so cool to see them portrayed as something other than mere vermin, or mutants. Hey that stuff's good too, but yours shows how much you love them. I think folks who have never had a pet rat would be surprised by how cuddly they can be. Mine would crawl up a sleeve, through my collar, and just nuzzle the side of my neck. He was such a sweetie. I think I've never thanked you for your rats. I need to say thank you because every time I look at one regardless of context or medium I think of Templeton (not very original but was my favorite character in Charlotte's Web when I was a little girl).

So as totally fanboy as this sounds:

Thankyou, Thankyou, Thankyou

sdavis123061's picture

Superb line work and detail as usual Socar.

thrax-1's picture

looks much better on this site.the cool dark grey for the backdrop of epi seems to compliment this piece very nicely!.almost like looking at it with new eyes Wink.nice!.

Guest's picture

Wow! Magnificent!

swisnie's picture

Socar, excellent (as always)!

Art at its best.