The Giant Rat by socar

The Giant Rat

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Added: Jun 05, 2004
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A pinup I did for Fleshrot #2.

The she-rat said to the giant rat: "Get out of my nest! You are huge and monstrous--you are not my son." So the giant rat went away, looking for his mother among the monsters. First, he went to the Worm Bed and searched among the warted toads. But the head toad said to him: "You are hairy all over and have a long tail. You are not my son." So he went to the Hissing Stump, where a tangle of snakes made their home. "Ssss," said the mother snake. "You have a long and scaly tail, it's true, but you have whiskers on your nose and a one-pronged tongue. You are not my son." And she, too, sent the giant rat on his way. Soon, he came to a house full of ogres. "This must be my home," he thought, "for who is more monstrous than an ogre?" But the ogress came out shaking her broom, and shouted: "Go away! You have beady eyes and ears like sails, and your nose is furry and wartless. You are not my son!" Sadly, the giant rat wandered into the graveyard, to sleep in the comforting shadow of the silent crypts. When he woke up, he saw that a zombie had come to sit beside him. "Arooooooo," said the zombie, and scratched the giant rat behind his ears with claw-like nails. "I love you too," said the giant rat. And they lived happily ever after.

The end.

If you like this and want to see more like it, please go to for information about ordering Fleshrot books and products. FR #2 is currently taking preorders.

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I think the giant rat is cute - I winder how could it get rejected by so many? hehe

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So disturbingly beautiful

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Ah, that's actually quite sweet once you've read the story. Gorgeous detail, very well done.

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in-your-face disturbing and tenderly warm, hmnnn. nice (de)composition:)

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That is just wildly imaginative, and beautifully painted. I really like the story too. Smile

Art at its best.