The Zombie Ball, page 1 by socar

The Zombie Ball, page 1

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Artwork Stats
Added: Oct 16, 2004
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Artwork Description

If you'd like to see a sight
To set your skin acrawl,
Come with me on Hallow's Night
To see the Zombie Ball!

Round the smarmy toadstool bed
On Amanita Lane
Merry dance the mouldy dead
Who've come to life again.

First there wobbles Squashed Hedgehog
Who fell beneath a car.
Then leaps lively Half-a-Frog
(How tasty frog-legs are!)

Next comes Rotten Rex the Rat
Corrupted to the bone
And in his trail of maggots fat
Comes Stinky Bird, alone.

Bringing up the putrid rear
With guts upon his feet
Pond'rous twirls, amid loud jeers
The shrew who lived to eat.

Want to find out what happens next? Go to and pick up a copy of the Halloween Special!

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Guest's picture

this piece, as well as all of your other b/w zombie stuff, reminds me the artwork in the Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark books i read as a kid. Tongue

socar's picture

Why, thank you very much! I was thinking of entering this in Spectrum this year, if I have enough money, but I heard they don't print too much greyscale stuff--maybe I won't submit this year.

megaflow's picture

Remarkable, Socar. I love how it's very detailed, yet you've got large areas of less detail both leading the eye through the picture AND resting the eye from an overload of detail. A masterful compositional technique. Smile

Guest's picture

When I saw this I had to comment. I think this piece is amazing! I love all the details. I especially like the hanging pumpkin lights.

socar's picture

It took AGES--about two weeks, I think. There were five 10" x 15" pages in all, and each one took between 5 and 14 days to complete. I think this first page represents the most work I've put into a single page of a comic, though. I just went nuts on it.

thrax-1's picture

o_o Socar that is just unreal. Thanks for reminding me that i need to work alot harder Tongue. To have so much crammed in here and still be able to decipher shapes and details without cluttering too much...a brilliant effort. The creatures are very well illustrated also.How long did this take Socar?.~~Great work!

Art at its best.