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Added: Jun 23, 2003
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isenho's picture

awesome skin tones and anatomy. You've created a perfect setting for this warrior

Guest's picture

Rafal did this picture for the Audalis campaign setting (http://www.rdinn.com/audalis.html), an upcoming D&D resource book. This guy is a Gilskalo warrior... a race of humanoids that live in a frozen, arctic waste. The staff all agreed that Rafal nailed the concept perfectly; this guy has true talent.

goddessart's picture

This is a beautiful and powerful piece!

leowinstead's picture

Man, this looks just like oil paint to me. The cool lighting is spot on and the way you've rendered the slope really adds a lot of drama to the scene.

megaflow's picture

Lots of power and portent, nice rendering, and an impressive yet easy familiarity with anatomy... Hey, that's your stuff in a nunshell!

chutap's picture

oh Drizzt! or not?
btw what verson of painter you use? i got Painter classic but for some reason it always crash so i hvae to make do with PS and opencanvas instead

Guest's picture

This is incredible work, Rafal, and wouldn't look out of place on the cover of a Michael Moorcock novel! I particularly like the simplicity of the composition as it places great emphasis on this character. Very strong, great work!

kenmeyerjr's picture

One thing I think is a great touch that adds drama to the pic is the severe slope he is standing on...great all around!

socar's picture

Interesting perspective--I like it a lot! Your recent work is totally awesome. Gnarly. Radical. Cool. (Oops, sorry--having a little '80s moment, here.)

Guest's picture

I very like the 'cold' mood, and the color ont this very nice painting!

portalrun's picture

Excellent character Raff,this dude seems ready to rock, great posing expression(intimidating),also love how the sky and landscape blend into eachother...

mcf's picture

thanks Smile It's an illustration I did for http://www.rdinn.com, for their upcoming book. It took me about 2 hours, created with Painter and wacom graphire.

bcorbett67's picture

I agree, I really like the color scheme and the anatomy (the way his slightly leaned back against the slope). He looks kinda drowish - I wish you'd given a bit more info on this one Rafal

hexthree's picture

Great color scheme and nice technique!

Art at its best.