Half life 2 by michelb

Half life 2

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Added: May 29, 2004
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This is the cover for June's PC Gamer magazine. Lots of testosterone on this one and a great idea by the art director to use white as the main 'color'. Some of you may also recognize the model for this one.

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schlunz's picture

Gordon Freeman is back ;o)
Great work!!!

michelb's picture

You got me! But wasn't it more fun to figure it out? As to what is cheating and what isn't, I think each generation has it's taboos, after all, some of Rockwell's friends were scandalized that he used photographic reference!

christar's picture

Hey! The half-Life dude is you!! The Half-Life Dude is Michel Bohbot! You could have just said it was a self portrait silly! "Look for the transformation", sounded so mysterious. Anyway, what a cool approach to textures! Thanks for opening my mind on that concept. I have recently realized that it's ok to incorporate photo-manipulation into a digitally handpainted work, as long as it is based on your own photography and integrated seamlessly.
I used to think that such techniques were cheating, but now I realize that the finished image is all that counts!

michelb's picture

Without giving everything away here'a few tips. 1. Don't always rely on computer textures, paint your own and don't limit yourself to traditional painting supports like illo board or canvas. Try wood, metal etc...Paint it, burn it, freeze it, all of these will give you cool textures you can then use in Photoshop or Painter. As for the model, go back to my gallery and look for a transformation.

michelb's picture

That's what I like about Epilogue, Uwe. it's a great way for us to follow each others links and discover new visions and approaches to art.

michelb's picture

Thanks Terry, I checked out your stuff as well and realy like how you carry across your style while using different mediums.

j-art's picture

shame on me - i see your work the first time - i had a look at your whole gallery - wow - seems i found another master in here - thanks for posting your breathtaking work in here for us to learn from it - im still speechless.....

christar's picture

How did you create the texture on the bricks and his armor?
And who is the guy that was the model?

frodo's picture

just been through your gallery Michel, and like this one, you got some great Artwork in there...

Guest's picture

I've always been very impressed when I've seen your work in print. It's nice to put a name to the image.

Art at its best.