Empire Earth Crusader by michelb

Empire Earth Crusader

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Artwork Stats
Added: May 31, 2005
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one of the color background images done for the Empire Earth 2 video game

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that is very nice does anyone play oblivion

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kights templer sight to see in the battle of the juish army.A work of art.

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I'm quite fascinated by your artwork...
And I wanted to ask you if I'm allowed to use the crusader (without the background) for the banner of a Guild-Website

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this is a cool picture but needs more....you know,better armour and such responsibility.-.- but still cool Smile

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Simply awesome...I'll think twice about mentioning my atheist leanings to him!

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A very, very good image, but I have some rather inconsequential criticisms:

The fuller on the sword should extend to the hilt.

The vambraces and poleyns, and the greathelm are anachronistic of each other. The greathelm is appropriate for 1219, but the other mentioned pieces of armour are not.

I'm also uncertain about the accuracy of the double-hole belt.

Amazing stuff, regardless.

michelb's picture

Thanks for your kind words. In fact the knight is roughly based on the
Hochmeister Teutonic order around 1219 AD but I borowed from the Templars and a few others, as this was a catch all illustration representing the Cusades.

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Very good. He is a templar, right?

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A Knight of Malta? Beautiful!

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Thanks for your kind words.
I cheched out your art and really liked the range of emotion you portray from Apocalypse to The forbidden ruins.

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WOW, the metal, cloth, and glove on the arm look REALLY REAL! Great job!

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WOW!! very nice Michel!!

Art at its best.