Sophie "Somk" Klesen by somk

Sophie "Somk" Klesen

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Artwork Stats
Added: Sep 04, 2002
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eh Smile just to participate Tongue

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Guest's picture

The hands look real; what an intriguing expression. It's cute yet very detailed.

Guest's picture

Morwen m'avait dis que tu faisais de tres belles bien elle avait raison!!!!!
Khiara. xxx

aridante's picture

HEHHEHEH, I saw this on yur homepage, heh hehehehh, what a wily wicked wee witch ye be, heh heh, and just in time for Halloween too!! Laughing out loud

griffingirl's picture

Adorable! I dunno if that's what you were shootin' fer, but I wanna go drinking with you!

ffranceschi's picture

Great work Sophie!
I appreciate the refiniment of the different eyes size too!
Excellent touch!
Francesco (Frank)

somk's picture

Hush Den !! I'm in stealth mode ! *nyahaha*

blueunicorn's picture

Sophie, I love it! What a little minx you seem! There is definitely a twinkle in one of those eyes!

Guest's picture

You don't look like a vindaloo beast! Although, after drinking that cocktail...

Guest's picture

Now THAT'S a margarita!
Love it S...what great character (and big eye) you have. Wink

christar's picture

That eye does seem to be looking right at me!
Left, right, I can't escape it!

somk's picture

I spy with my lil'eye...

somk's picture

Eheheee.. Smile Now, that's an idea.. *ponders*

christar's picture

One of your eyeballs seems to be inflammed, heh heh, this is really cute. Smile

samael's picture

MARRY ME! err, no wait, if you are already engaged, ADOPT ME! ;P

djinn's picture

hehe, very very good.

megaflow's picture

Wow - inspired! I wish *I* looked that cool...

Art at its best.