Chimeras Illuminated border by somk

Chimeras Illuminated border

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Added: Aug 11, 2003
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That was an illuminated border I made for an exhibition here in Montreal. On parchment with historical pigments (Walnut stain, lead white, gold powder, iron oxide on vellum)
It shows the 3 steps in illumination : basic drawing (usually with alizarin, I do prefer iron oxyde...) The colouring part : that's the moment when people starts screaming they failed, that their drawing sBEEPks and they try to run out of the workshop (I close the doors).. the design re appears when you finish with the 3rd step : the black outlines and the white highlights, don't worry Smile
I added a close up of the central part. It measure 1 1/2 in. and the whole drawing is 4 1/2 inches.

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prismstudios's picture

Nice to see you here.Love this illuminated manuscript work.Hope I see you at dragon con again. L.

somk's picture

Traditionnal pigments are usually easy to buy, although not cheap Sad Walnut stain is I think available in nearly all good art and craft shop but if you want THE place to buy pigments, go to They have.... everything ! Smile

panthara's picture

I have always wanted to try creating art the way the old masters have. This is truly an amazing piece and I commened you whole heartedly for creating this on parchment with historical pigments! *bows* Where could someone pick up those mediums? I'm highly interested in trying something like this myself! ^^

Guest's picture

A digital illuminated manuscript "The Book Of Vindaloo" would be cool.

No, really! It would!

(I love this image. The traditional media has a very real feal to it, even as a photo.)

caitmf1's picture

your pretty amazing at whatever you do arent u;my girlfriend is a archaeologist and im going to show her this because it just looks so authentic;material wise; desighn wise its beautiful;im very interested in design; especially art nouveau; i love swirls; im a simple man

somk's picture

thankee ! I agree with you, I'm maybe oldfashioned but as much as I love working digital, I've never seen the point in making digital illuminated manuscripts Smile *And your traditionnal medium gallery is wonderful !*

Guest's picture

It's so beautiful...that it's painted on real parchment with pigment colours adds so much to it.

mermalior's picture

Just amazing! You are a genius!

Art at its best.