Lord Necklace - Viking Style by somk

Lord Necklace - Viking Style

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Added: May 13, 2004
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Here is a huge (48 in. long) bronze Lord Necklace set with 44x2.5 mm garnets and a big garnet cabochon in the focal. Fully articulated. It's a wedding commissioned piece. I made a shorter sterling silver version of it as well... (just ask Tongue)

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thejeff's picture

i do not have it in me to do such beautifully designed ornamental work, and because of that am doubly appreciative of those who do. i would look for excuses to wear that if it were mine;)

somk's picture

*lol* thanks Smile Well yes, it is a wax carving at first. Due to a lack of time, I had to make the original in wax and mold it.. yes, mold the wax *argh* than cast several waxes and cast them.. If I had more time, I would have made the main design in wax, cast it, solder the wiry parts and then, make the molds etc.. but, no time *sigh*.
Here you have a pict of the wax prototype before the mold : http://www.furetfou.com/wip/waxlink.jpg and a close-up on the links : http://www.furetfou.com/wip/linksmainvert1.jpg

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This is just amazing. I'm curious how it was done - did you carve a wax model then cast it? How did you get the looped wire? I'd love something like that, but I doubt I could afford it! Wink

maddie's picture

That has to be one of the most beautiful necklesses I've ever seen. If I go bride someday, I'd love to have one with greenish stones...
Hope I can commission you, then Laughing out loud

mermalior's picture

Wonderful piece! Smile

somk's picture

eh, thank you for beleiving so ! Smile In fact I'm trying a lot of techniques because I do think they are related somehow... This doesn't mean I succeed mind you !Tongue

somk's picture

In fact, it's for a man Smile It's a very long necklace to be worn from one shoulder to the other and frankly, ona woman, it goes way too low on the back.. I will probably make a new shorter one in silver, with greenish/blue tourmaline as stones.

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Penciling, painting, sculpture, etc. is there anything you can'T do!?!

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This is just amazing! Wish I was the bride, so I could wear it Wink

Art at its best.