About Celtic Knotwork - Bracelet of Durrow by somk

About Celtic Knotwork - Bracelet of Durrow

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Artwork Stats
Added: Mar 27, 2005
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Ah, done it's so done !!
Bronze casting of a nightmarish knotwork. I really wanted to make it into a bracelet but couldn't "bend" the already flat carved design without creating numerous weakness points.. I just had to re-carve everything "bent" mode.. Yeah, why do things quickly, really.. But now it's done and it works so yay (and pheeew.. ! Smile) I will probably try and cast it in silver as well.

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tonyhough's picture

* clattering sound of old hippy jaw hitting the floor....
My gawd! Your work is awe-inspiring.

somk's picture

Oh, of course I remember you.. Beautiful Arwen Smile Thank you so much for your compliments ! Just ask me about a bigger Shoggoth, those things tend to grow quite easily by themselves Smile *off to your gallery*

sarcasm-hime's picture

I have one of your sets of fibulae that I bought at the Gathering of the Fellowship in 2003 and love it. I plan to buy a Shoggoth pendant off you sometime, although I do wish it were a bit bigger (I go for weird ostentatious jewellery).

I like making jewellery but unfortunately don't do a lot these days as I would have to go to a casting house which is pricy. Tongue

somk's picture

Oh just DO it Laughing out loud

christar's picture

Wow, sophie, you truly are an old world craftsperson! I want to make jewelery too one day. Smile

Art at its best.