AIR MURAL by alterego


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Added: Jun 05, 2001
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62 square foot outdoor wall mural. Located at the corner of Parkway and Locust in Denton, Texas.

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firechild's picture

Ireally like this mural, there seems to be somethinh haunting about it. Well at least to me. It's the type of image that seems to stick in your head. Any way I have deep respect and appreciation for anyone who paints murals. Beautifully done.

abussell's picture

This really is quite a pretty picture and I've always enjoyed seeing it while driving around in Denton(then I met the artist! Wow! *lol*) And now, sad, its gone! I was very disappointed. Oh well, thank goodness I can come back and see this version ^_^

Guest's picture

Oh! This is so beautiful... ever since i did a mural ive nothin but respect 4 artists that do murals 2... Wow

alterego's picture

There is a long "broken heart story" behind this piece. Maybe I'll write a story about it and post it in the "Epilogue Stories Section"! Smile

chimera's picture

Love the beautiful,light colors you used here, wow, this is a really beautiful picture. And the flowers ..great!

alterego's picture

This mural was commissioned. I just painted what the client wanted. Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to comment. ~Sabrina

Guest's picture

I really don't understand this. I like it. The contradiction and the exageration but I would like the artist to tell me what she sees or intended.

alterego's picture

you're just blowin smoke up my skirt, now! ((((sheepish grin))))

michaelapice's picture

Sabrina---this painting is wonderful, what a leap in the way you put toghether a painting. This is really moving. I LOVE IT! ---Michael

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vengince's picture

Hi Sabrina this is a lovely piece, Im glad you posted on my gallery because I had not visited your gallery before.I look fwrd to seeing more.

alterego's picture

I really appreciate your encouragement. Its probabaly pretty obvious to most that I'm just getting started. Some days I just feel grateful that I can hold a pencil....and then there are days, like today, where I feel I'll never be as good as I'd like to be.... By the way, your work is awesome. Inspiring, to say the least! Smile ~Sabrina

Guest's picture

This is beautiful! I really like your style. Welcome to Epilogue and thank you for sharing your talent.

alterego's picture

Thank you sooo much for your encouragement. I am just honored to be on this site! Hell, I'm honored to be able to create art. Beauty doesn't come freely in this world.

Guest's picture

Beutiful painting Sabrina.

Art at its best.