"I tell you she's real, Mr. Anderson. And her name is Amy! Get it right! by angelus

"I tell you she's real, Mr. Anderson.  And her name is Amy! Get it right!

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Artwork Stats
Added: Jan 25, 2003
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This image was created for the Spectrum X contest to be held this year. It is a graphite creation with digital addition (the eye color). Face model is Amy. Yeah, I know it's (K)rap, but what can you expect from an amature of my quality. Wish me luck anyway. I going to need it...

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In order to accomadate your standards of perfection I'll allow you to be dissatisfied with the water-- I believe that you could have done better there but it's not bad. You must be like me, I'm comparing everything I do with pencils to Armin Mersmann, Isabel Chiang
and Matthew Leader but you're far off; the only difference might be the willingness to dedicate the 100+ hours it would take to produce that kind of work.

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Hey, I instantly thought about myself telling my therapist that line: "she is real, believe me!". Great pic. I happen to be a bit of an artist myself and I say it's very good work

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do you mind if I wright a short story about her? she needs a story... well she has a bit of one... but still!

anyway I love that patern above and below her left eye. I think it adds to the picture that she hasn't elven ears. there are way to many elve pictres. and I have no idea of what you mean by "an amature of my quality"

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Looks great to me. Smile

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It's hardly "krap", Richard! I'm glad you're still at it, and you just keep getting better. Love your stuff!

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Hi Richard. Long time no see! I didn't realize you had a gallery in Epilogue. You are getting SO good. This one is truly amazing. She is beautiful! I love the eyebrows and the headband ... your attention to detail is impressive. Keep up the great work, and I hope to see more soon. Take care. Smile

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Excellent image Richard! you do not have to win competitions to prove your worth as an artist, all you need is your integrity and belief in yourself, most of the "masters" where crucified at some point or another, but thier passion for art made them rise above the critics, we all crave praise for our work and you deserve it for this marvellous picture no matter the outcome of this art trial, good luck all the same

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Ah, I remember seeing this in WIP! Very nice result in the end, well done!

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No matter what you call it. You're still the Master! Smile

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Oooh, I knew your work was going to be even more fantastic when you turned your pencil talent to a background. I think it's a perfectly respectable entry for Spectrum X. I really like her headband, and the green eyes are an excellent touch.

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No, this is very good:) The title is waht made me look at because I was expecting more of a story behind it:)

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I think your selling your self a little short Richard, this looks great,would like to see more...good luck with the contest...

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Hi Richard,
Amazing work. Very real, very beautiful. Good luck to you. You so deserve it.

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It's lovely, and don't let anyone tell you different....I have problems with my scanner and pencil pieces, so this is doubly successful...huzzah!

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if you call this (k)rap then your mind is crap cuz this is awsome!!! you're going to kick some ass at that comp!!! Spazman

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