Erzulie by samael


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Added: Apr 27, 2001
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"She was Erzulie possessed by a milky white skin..." This image will be used as a cover for the Kult RPG players guide (french translation) by 7th circle publications.

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Che Penta! muy buena tu galeria en serio, estoy esperando que se arme algun otro encuentro con los muchachos de bulbo para poder aprender de vos, en serio, muy buenos trabajos!

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Most brilliant picture of Erzulie ever seen. Love your work:P

Best wishes

Ezili(the personification of a goddess:))

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Ta buenisimo! La mirada increible!

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I usually don't like digital art, but I like this.

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She's a beauty and her armor rocks. Your textures are amazing. Very nice.

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cool, but wat is it up with the expression in her face?
but it´s very cool like your otheer work!

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Very good image! Remember Tsutomu Nihei's style.

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che... aprende un poco a dibujar estuuupido!!!

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This image is now my wallpaper, I don't need to say more, thank you Wink

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Overpainted photography.

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what graphical utilities do you use? and what sort of technique is innvolved in such realism?
-S. Kroll

samael's picture

Yes, I do mind, since this picture belongs to the publishers of the Kult RPG, thank you so much for the interest and kind words.

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do you have objections to your work being used as part of a composite work? i really love this picture and would like to use part of it
Saiber Kroll

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No problem man, I see we share very similar musical tastes (horray for Cradle of Filth!). Thanks for commenting!

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"My porcelain Yin a graceful angel of sin."

Thanks for the post on the forum. Your stuff here ROCKS! The undead pics are great. Your art-fu is strong.

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Love your work You kick ass

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Thanks for commenting Naomi! Im more haunted thanks to your support. Seiferus, you honor my works with your kind words, bring the virgins and well start the KULT!

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I consider Kult RPG as the darkest RPG this world has ever seen. And most interesting. So are your pictures. It's pure kult Wink Seiferius

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i love the outfit, and the haunting mood in your images.

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No need to thank me Natalia, I really enjoyed the trip to your gallery, your work is simply brilliant! I must thank thee for sharing it with us, and for letting some blood on the guestbook too!

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Your work is indeed haunting and dark as it's beautiful! I love those dark things that pour directly from the soul...that's what you seem to have here...great gallery!

tx for signing my gbook, too ^^

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Thank you all so much for your nice comments! they are greatly apreciated!

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I like this image most, It has a great quality about it I love the limited palette. The contrast is wonderful

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estos dibujos son buenisimos Lambach.

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she's like a gem. She sort of shimmers.

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beautiful color... I love the mood.

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I think this is my favourite too. I like the layered look of the girl's face (I hope I make sense...) And thanks for sending me the URL of this site, I think I like it here Smile

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Oh, this is very good! I think I found my favourite here. Good job, especially the overall composition is well done. But it also has movement, drama and detail - everything needed for an awesome piece.

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Very cool image - this has a nice menacing but stylish atmosphere

Art at its best.