No Blind Eyes Can See (Geburah Remix version) by samael

No Blind Eyes Can See (Geburah Remix version)

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Added: Oct 12, 2001
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Cover art for Eden Studios Book of the Geburah.

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I really like this picture, but I do not think that the art and stories on Elfwood are "Crap". In fact, I am a member of the Wyverns Library, and most of the artists there are very good. Like Crystal Flinn, who is a member of the art gallery and the Wyverns Library. I like your picture alot though. amazing how you can put so much emotion into a picture. But seriously, Do you think the pictures on Elfwood are "crap"?

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Seems an interesting kind of Christ. You have really nice skills.

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Ý really wantted to learn what did you aim(thought) to put the eys taken from their holes to the wrists of the guy? And in addition this one meaned much to me,started to think somethings:) ,Great idea & work;)

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Hey Leeptak! fax me the details of our following cult meetings, ill bring the funghi from Yuggoth, and the only thing hard about my childhood was the fact I never got enough Decepticon toys.

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I Giger would be drawing Middle Age stuff we will surely have dragons to remember, thankee for the nice comments Levente.

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Emotion its always best served bloody! thanks for the great support Shell!

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I adore your work! It has so much raw emotion and kick ass color usage.

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Awesome pic SAM! Perhaps I found my new fave from you... Soon you can establish the "Sect of the Ronin Death Cult Circle"... The concept designs for the suit and the board management are ready:)) There is only one thing I don't understand... Where comes from these dark ideas? You must hard childhood:) Once again: great pic!

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If Giger were to be drawing middleage art, it would looks something like this, wonderful work man

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This has such a great, decayed, iconographic-on-the-flip-side feel. Love your use of texture. Now how about putting some wings on this puppy? Kidding...just kidding. Great stuff Samuel...I left feeling unsettled in the best of ways. CR

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Chain of tears/Handful of trust/In the world of dust/Chain of tears/Handful of dust/In the world which can't last... To tell you the truth no, but now that Im reading the lyrics I realise how much has in common with the pic.

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I wonder if the piece was inspired by a song of Lacrimosa... is it true, or I'm wrong?

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O'MacAodh: hahahah feel free to refer to my crap as crap anytime! Ursula: thanks for the lovely comments, the background texture where shameless rendered with a custom brush on photoshop on a graveyard photography.

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Great drab color and it. Very nice digital work--love the heavy texture on the background.

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I ment that the "crap" is praised.

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"Crap on Elfwood" was not in refrence to you. as I have been to the site and consider that there are FEW professional illustrative work, that is "praised."

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Mark: I dreamt of beauty and her lips that felt like butterflies, the real horrors came when I woke up. Thanks Mark! you always get some time to comment on my work and I really own you a great deal!.

Claudia: thanks, I dont think this is something really great, but anyway, I wonder what are you understand better now?

O'MacAodh: Hey, thanks man, love when someone takes time to write a decent crit on my work, helps me to improve and catch those mistakes I left behind. Concerning the question, the piece was intended to look static, more dynamic times are coming now.

Just a small question, when you say crap on the Elfwood site, you are referring to my crap, or someone elses crap? Feel free to pour your critique anywhere near me, it will be always welcome!

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Not bad. has a focus area (the hands and face), good texture, dark lower area of illustration causing a heavy weight feel. reads well. composition decent, however, a bit static, centered. unless that is the feel you were wanting to expose,static. a bit flat in areas such as the body area, seems to be a bit uncertain of where the light source is coming from. The mid section of the body shows more light on the left side then the head and hands which show the light source from the right side. Overall, the piece looks nicely executed. Better then the crap that ive seen on the "Elfwood" site. but then, you do actually get money for yourself, a rather good accomplishment. - O'MacAodh

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Great art! makes myself better understand-

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Another wonderfully unsettling piece Samuel, the chains are particularly effective. These pictures of yours are like the dreams of a madman. Great stuff.

Art at its best.