Going Down by samael

Going Down

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Artwork Stats
Added: Feb 03, 2002
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Cover for Eden Studios "All Flesh Must be Eaten" gameline.
At last!, hoooray for doomsday!

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(All flesh must be eaten?) God, I love that Line.

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I love your work, the way i interpret this is the "evil" dark side encourages the characters actions. I really admire your work!!


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Thanks Vance, always an honor to get hear from you!

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I dig this one Samuel, good action and and colors. Your textures are the best!

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O.k. you need to fill the submission form AB-1 and listen loots of Katatonia Wink

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O.k. you need to fill the submission form AB-1 and listen loots of Katatonia Wink

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Hopefully there will be more anytime soon, many thanks Christman!

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Thanks Rafal, glad you noticed the screams!

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hehe, this is uber cool! I just cant stop admiring that left hand.. wow. The whole picture just screams with action. Great style..

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Wow. This is great stuff. All of them. The expressions you capture kick much ass.
Nice and dark and full of contrast.
I'm looking forward to seeing more.

D.E. Christman

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Your not from this world I must say, if u ever encounter the other side again please please can you ask them if they could Recruit me (WINK)

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Holy cow! This is a cracker Samuel, incredibly dramatic. The expression on his face is really exceptional and the style here is as expressive as I've seen. The high contrst of the gunblasts works very well. Top quality mate.

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Heya Shad! thanks for the support! stay heavy! Liptak! you crazy samurai, Im going to hunt you down and clean my Ronin honour with my katana! =] forget about girls? how the hell do you expect me to forget about girls!? there are just so many, beatiful and inteligent! I wouldnt date my paintings! besides girls like the ronin artsy sensitive guy more! whahahaha, see you on the pub! and bring the wakizashi (wathever!)! =]

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It is great Sam! Fantastic textures!! I see you are back:))) Forget the girls and paint instead:) You are far better artist than ronin macho! And I have to tell: you late our samurai duell:)) I waited about a half hour, and after I went a bar to drink a sake... I think you lost the duel! Next time Be in time...Smile)

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That- Is- KICK- ASS!!!!! Wonderfully grusom, lovely colurs and teksturs. And the MOVEMENT! YeekS! That is all I can say... keep up the good work!=)! -Shad

Art at its best.