Little Fears (German Cover) by samael

Little Fears (German Cover)

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Added: Apr 29, 2002
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I love the “Little Fears” by Key20, it was a really nice surprise when the nice people at Seventh Circle publishing asked me to make the cover for the French edition of the Game. This piece was one of my first ideas for the cover, it is intended to be a tribute to Gary “Hive” Simpson, the artist who did the cover for the English Edition, whom I greatly admire. In my humble opinion “Hive” is one of the most important illustrators of this decade, an artist who takes no prisioners when it comes to tell a story, set the right mood or pushing the boundaries of book illustration.

UPDATE: This will be cover of the German translation, hoooray for doomsday!

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Have you done cards for Cyberpunk CCG? If yes, I am interested in an original of one. email me plaease

samael's picture I think they are releasing it later this year... hope it helps!

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You said the cover will be used with the upcoming german version. Do you know who will be the german publisher? I didn't find an answer on this question on the key20 website.

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Thank you Fiona, Im glad you liked the face, it came out like a daydream while I was looking at Cecilia Valdovinos school books, Cecilia its the sister of Monica a great friend of mine, and Monica gave me a great cool book about chinese fantasy...ANYWAY, i love your style too!!

nooget's picture

I love the face, this picture is very misterious, creepy, and great. I love your art style.

samael's picture

Wow, Rafal, thats some really high praise, I dont think I deserve it Smile I seriously love Kult, but sadly I never had the chance to see CCG, well, maybe someday...

samael's picture

I was stuffed with blood, ashes, broken glass and pure lemonade, and Liptak bro, your work rocks, even if you dont resort on stick men as oftenly as I do Wink

mcf's picture

yep, the mood is there, and it's excellent. it reminds me of the mood set by the art of a CCG caled Kult - certainly one of the best collection of artists I've seen.. superb.

mermalior's picture

Wow! I like this one. Stick men are cool! I have good news. You reached my 2 years old state:) In serious: You have fantastic textures and I envy your ability to make interesting and attractive compositions. Your pics have mood, and your colors are unique. The miracle of nature: lot of talent in a stuffy guy:))) Ok, it only was a joke. Keep up your cool work!

samael's picture

Many thanks Cynthia, the composition was inspired in the work by "Hive", so much of the credits goes to this mans outstanding work.

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Thanks Oliver, I always liked the idea that the road to hell is paved with good intentions Wink

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Thanks Socar, your comments just made my day, it is still unclear if this will be the final cover, but well, lets wait and see.

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quite interesting work right here,a good intention and execution.the colors are amazing and also the textures,in short- a pretty good illustration...

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I'm not familiar with the game...but I really love the dream-to-possible nightmare quality of the composition.

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Hey, that's awesome...I have this game, and I think your cover illustraton sets the mood perfectly. Really awesome texturing and composition, too.

Art at its best.