Thou Shalt Not Spam by samael

Thou Shalt Not Spam

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Artwork Stats
Added: Jun 04, 2002
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Artwork Description

The eight deadly sin, the demon Spam, conflagration of mailboxed worldwide.

A bit of a departure from my usual representative style.

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Guest's picture

very cool, ladies and gentlemen, my new desktop background!

samael's picture

Always a pleasure to spark the fires of a mass conflagration, even if its about laughter!

Guest's picture He rocks! I love this, it's gonna make me giggle for days

samael's picture

The Demon Spam will take your Pants! The Demon Spam will take your Pants! The Demon Spam will take your Pants!
I can imagine that ;] thanks Janne!

vuollet's picture

Hehheh Cool indeed, it should be told as an educative story in schools that if you spam too much... the demon Spam will come and get you! *eerie laugh* Well, maybe not, but this is a great pic anyways Cool

samael's picture

Of course, the devil, Cthulhu, and cheesy metal groups are also great influences! thanks Oliver Smile

fantasio's picture

there is no real art without the influence of the satire to the theme... and a succeeded image style mix....great!

samael's picture

Santiago, Maura, Salvador, thanks!

samael's picture

Oh, I have a theory which says that Asian ink its as good as lemonade! Im glad you like the change Cyn, and a extra thanks for sparking this whole sinful series!

samael's picture

Thats the idea Smile

Guest's picture

Brilliant! I like the change...the loose ink has an asian feel. What a great, self-satisfied look he has!

mcf's picture

hehe.. this made me smile.. superb! Smile

samael's picture

Thanks, I used Inks, latter cropped on PS.

thedarkcloak's picture

Ah... good one!

maura's picture

hehhehehehe. True, so true.

santi's picture

Haha, I say Amen to that. I really like his expression. It's annoyingly happy.

Guest's picture

This is cool - the ram's horns are a nice touch, and I love the way you've done his feet and hands. What did you use to paint it?

Art at its best.