Follow the hollow ( revamped version) by samael

Follow the hollow ( revamped version)

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Artwork Stats
Added: Jan 02, 2003
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Cover art for All Flesh Must be Eaten Revised edition, published by Eden Studios

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have to say, im a massive fan of your work, although i do own many of your pieces its a shame most are on CD covers and not canvas's on my walls

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WOW! What more can I say?

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I usually can´t stand Zombies (I get frightened every time I look into a mirror), but I really enjoy this one. Perhaps I should rethink my opinion all Zombies had stupid shredded ears.
They´re so cute. (Please don´t kill me.)

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...just started copying yer stuff to my "examples"-folder. You just got a new fan sire.
These are frekking marvelous, you have certain similaries With Mr. Shy, but you still got style of your own. Loving all the small details and compositional elements you have made. And not just in this work, but yer works as whole.

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Good God, that is absolutely bloody terrifying! Brilliant, but terrifying. Or should that be brilliantly terrifying... or terrifyingly brilliant?
You decide. Oh, and, I didn't forget, Happy Birthday to you terrifyingly brilliant artist!

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Awww thanks! (in a good way ;] )

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They are doing the YOO YOO HU of the dead, an ancient dance to invoke bloody coffe mug stains, thank you very much Oliver!

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That's an outstanding image! Eeeeyuk! (in a good way).

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thats one weird hooligan;-)
great work on the textures,and it screams for a story...

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Thank you very much Bill.

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Your work is very professional.

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Like the great Axel Widen Says: All the flesh you can eat!

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Of course, Zombies are meant to look hello kittie ish! glad you are enjoying man! the signature its a subconcious attempt to look like Avril Lavigne.

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Thanks Joe!

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truly awe inspiring. fantastic work.

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Zombies that actually look creepy! I'm really enjoying this, and you have a very cool signature!

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no desert until you finish your meat! Wink

Art at its best.