Gamble by enayla


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Artwork Stats
Added: Dec 02, 2001
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Meet Gamble. Another futuristic vampire from the storyline we're creating at my forum. He works for the Government, slaying others of his kind.Credits go to Jamie for designing the symbol that he has around his neck.

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Hey! He has my hair! Great technique, and I for one have no problem whatsoever with your pretty-boy guys since that is what I strive to attain myself (partial success). His right hand looks to be having issues though if you don't mind my saying so? And the moon reads more as an oval than a true circle even though it very well may be. Oh well, great work! You should visit sijun more often. ^,^

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This is incredible! It almost looks like a photograph. He's so real... and i can see his personality in his face. i've noticed your men are beginning toedge away from the pretty-boy look. it doesn't matter to me, but gamble is awesome! is there anywhere i could see the storyline he's in?

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as usual, you produced something that knocks me down. breathtaking.

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Hmmm, I really like this! The silvery skin really caught my attention, then the moon in the background continued to draw me in. Wonderfull!

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Your technique is always great, but I really like the symmetry in this one, the way two trailing strands of hair lead the eye down to the pendant. Marvelous stuff.

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I love this. The blood moon, is that what it is suppose to be, is awesome how it fades to red. The blood on his face looks so realistic not real thick but actual liquid. The best of all tho, is his hair. I WANT his hair. Your art is amazing.

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I have seen and liked so much of your work but this is outstanding. The color and composition is excellent and it has a ...not so much realism but ... "believability" that makes it near impossible to tear your attention away from it. Very very cool.

Art at its best.