The Devil May Care by enayla

The Devil May Care

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Added: Feb 13, 2002
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This picture is a gift for my supporters and anti-supporters. The pretty boys will never stop.Use this picture in any way you want, as long as it's not commercial, and as long as you do not change it. Use it for roleplay, use it on your website, print it on your wall, or just use it as your desktop paper - it's my gift for you. Just remember to link back to me if it's online. And for those anti-supporters among you, feel free to print it on toilet paper and use it like /that/ if you want to. Just stop sending the results of those efforts to me.Love you all, bests,

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You're not the first who thinks that he looks like Sophie =] Quite interesting.As for the rest of your comment ;] I assume you're trying to make me schizo, here Wink

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This is a really long, intricate comment. Thank you for that - you have very many interesting thoughts. Thank you for the compliment, too, as well as the criticism.On the matter of the smoothness - I know there are many people who agree with you. That brush strokes are more interesting in an image. To some extent I agree, too. Depending on the image, of course ;] I think it’s very much a matter of taste, though. I like looking at smooth images rather than those with heavy brush strokes. I don’t know why - it’s just my taste. They appeal to me, you know? If it’s one thing I’ve learned from having drawn pictures for so long, it is to draw what I like. What my heart wants to draw. Right now, my heart wants my work to look like this. Perhaps, eventually, it will develop in another direction but I won’t force it. What fascinates me with pictures are the colours, the flow, the little details - much more than what brushes have been used. Like I said, maybe that will change, one day, but not yet =] I don’t really see it as a problem. Just as a difference of taste =)

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*hugs on Levi* =]

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You're welcome =]

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Heheh, thanks =)

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*smiles and bows*

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I have a friend who visited Thailand. She still talks about how absolutely beautiful it is there.

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*Chuckles* Thank you. It's funny that so many people think he resembles someone walking the streets - he is no prostitute, actually, but I can see how his clothes might make him look like one Wink Thank you.

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Glad you think it's funny ^__^ It was kind of intended to be.

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Hi! Sophie from Texas here. This piece is so fantastically beautiful. I will indeed put it on my site and link to you (again. I already told everyone on my BBS to come see your galleries.) Thank you for the BEST gift! Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful...

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Rats! Delete the previous non-post, will you? I was so excited I hit return. Anyway, Linda. Bravo to you! As a staunch admirer for many years, and having watched you evolve, improve, excel in your art, I am so beside myself with him. He's beautiful - as he deserves to be, as he should be. Beautiful men are soooo sexy! And he's the best of what you already share. Any anti-supporter just doesn't get it. This is your style, your heart and soul and we should all be grateful that you are willing to even SHOW us your work, let alone share your feelings about it. No one else has this incredible style or talent - no one! And those who come close? The comments are usually, "Oh, this reminds me of Linda's work." So, to those who don't appreciate art in this style, it's just like changing the channel on the telly when you don't like a show. Just go on to what you do like. Linda won't stop. We won't let her! Thanks, Linda.

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Go Linda!!! this has GOT to be your best picture ever, in every aspect. pretty boys forever. *cant stop smiling* geeze, i love this picture so much. (and ive noticed i have yet to see an anti-supporter's comment) ^_^ a thousand congratulations. --navate

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how?....your work is so pretty...those people that don't think it's good because they look feminine should look's very good quality work.

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It's a Thai Frank N. Furter.. with wings! Another gorgeous work, Linda. I don't think I need to tell you.

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wow. this is plain amazing.. i thank you from the bottom of my heart for your amazing pretty men ;333 this is absolutely perfect.. every little detail... wow. reminds me of Jrock and Visual-kei type-stuff :33 i love it.. just.. so very well done.. i adore the colors.. and it looks so real. i'm drooling here ;33

btw.. do you still have the picture you did a while back.. of an elf with white hair, and piercings.. and i think you said in his story he cut off his hair to make himself less perfect.. ? i can't exactly remember.. but that was the picture that i first saw by you :3 and i miss it so much! i'd love if you could post it back up ^_^ keep up the wonderful work, and never stop with those gorgeous guys. thank you.

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You tell those anti supporters Linda! This picture, like the rest, is great. In a way, it has a Rocky Horror flare to it. Keep the great work going.

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My god this is gonna make your anti-supports freak. ^_^ He looks like he stepped out of a Malice Mizer music video or something.

But I'm glad that you're not letting what other people think get to you. Once you do, your not an artist anymore. Real artists are very selfish, they create pictures for THEMSELVES.

The picture is wonderfully done as usual. I love the expression on his face, it made me laugh when I saw it.

"I'm prettier than you and if you don't like it then you can kiss my pretty ass!"

The feathers on the wings are really good, the leather looks like leather, and that spider is adorably creepy looking. Bravo! ^_^ Even if they don't like what you draw, they can't ignore the fact that you have talent.

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I just have ONE thing to say...


Androgynous men are VERY sexy. Some of us REALLY appreciate your work and would cry if you stopped.

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Hey Linda! Thankee indeed for the gift-- I have a friend who will probably appreciate this lots. Smile And though not all the pretty boys appeal to me, your artwork still impresses me everytime. You've certainly developed your vision of androgyny over the last year. One small comment though-- I like the placement of the spider, but it seems a bit pasted on. You have such depth in your picture, and suddenly the spider's hanging on a rather alien 'border' (the edge of the pic). I wonder if that made sense at all... in any case, gorgeous as always. Laughing out loud I love those wings.

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Love your humor Linda! And do never stop doing art in your special style! Love you!

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Linda...with your most enviable talent backed by a positive razor-edged wit, you are quickly becoming my hero! Wink
And thank you for the permission to print. I'm sending this to my hairstylist...he'd KILL for that corset!

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1). good work 2). i'm Smile very long

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he/she looks more like sophie marceau:)
Well linda, as u nerved me and i dont want to talk with u, just tell enayla that its my favorite pic from her.
Maybe an auto-self-psychological-portrait?

nb: try not use too much filters next time;)

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As it seems I`m the only one who`s not from Thailand...weird thing. Now this is one way to react to criticism in a cool way, Linda! It`s a LOT more ready witted than simply grumbling and lamenting, I`m reliefed to see you still got some humor left despite all the oh-so terrible crits you receive. And yes, this picture isn`t ridiculous at all, it`s great fun, dashing and crafty, magnificent! Ok can`t say I like his outfit because that wouldn`t be honest (but can`t say I don`t like it either, or the first interpretation will certainly be that it is my secret desire to dress myself in girly clothes, walking around like a freaky drag queen... Laughing out loud) I don`t know whether this is defiance, indifference or simulated pride on his face, but his expression is simply marvellous! You really can`t tell for sure what he feels like, well reading the title I assume it`s supposed to be indifference. Is indifference what you want to feel like as well, considering the negative part of feedback? I think indifference is as pain killing as it is killing delight, though. But back to your picture now, or it might sound like I presumed to know you which is not so, of course. One great thing about art is that it offers such a variety of possible interpretations, and yet the truth remains the artist`s personal business, the artist`s secret. I know you don`t like comments when they become personal or critisize anything else than technical issues. But being restricive with comments in such a wonderful community is not the right way, in my humble opinion. Doing humorous pictures like this is far cooler. By the way, I LOVE the spider on the top left, does it have a special meaning? Does it weave the web of illusion as in Hindu and Buddhist myth, or does it weave the web of fate as in American Indian myth, connecting the past and the future? Or is the spider just there to scare off those commentors who happen to be arachnophobic, to give the picture (at least) a little threat element? Either way, a web is a thing of beauty to be honored, so no matter what you draw Linda, everyone has to see the beauty in your works. I think yoo could paint little slimy green aliens with buttheads and rat tails (no offense, Socar) and it would be beautiful nevertheless. After all, beauty is the second name of your style as I`m sure many people would agree with, most of all your religious Im-ho-tep fans. I`m getting tired of smoothness in general though, I niggle around with pencils or pens to get shadings smoother and smother, but the smoother things get the more boring they eventually become. There`s nothing wrong in letting certain areas of a picture look perfectly smooth as this has great effect, but if the entire picture is smoothed out and every shade is blended into the other until there are no transitions, no strokes to be seen any longer, then things start to look flat and boring. And what is even worse, there is no individuality in smoothness either, anyone who has some bits of talent can achieve perfect smoothness, it`s just a matter of time and technique. Time is not more than a quantitative effort, and technique can be learned with time. One reason why I say this is because too many of my own pics are smoothed to boredom as well, not in the exact same way of course but I guess we got a similar problem, and so do many many others. I don`t expect you to change anything, after all it`s only a problem if one realized it as a problem. And yes, smoothness belongs to your style I know. Just wanted to share some theories of cognition, who knows maybe someone can make profit from them, if not that`s ok as well. After all, the most wonderful thing about comments is that they don`t need to meet the efficiency of court sentences.

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But no matter....this guy is rather pretty....GOOD stuff Linda...beautifull work.

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this is really good, the outfit is great, and i love the hair. thanks for the gift, though im not sure your anti-supporters would approve, lol. once again, great pic.

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Lovely as always Linda.

Theres people like this in Thailand?? Sweet! I know where my vacation is going to be!

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Ummm..... I LIVE in Thailand and yes... I do see a lot of these guys walking around. Sigh......... I see that my country doesn't have a very good reputation. Tongue

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Having lived in Thailand all my life, I have not yet seen a creature this beautiful wandering around either on the streets of Patpong or Pattaya...yet Wink
Now about the art: I'm not going into that whole adrogyny thing even though I support it, but I'm here to look and talk about the art. The details are very amazing...from his hair to the lightning of his feathers, and his nipples. The leather is very well done as well and the hose! Whoo hoo...looks very realistic. Second thoughts though...he does look like some of the Thai prostitues walking down the street at night Laughing out loud Keep up the great work, and may it plug up the anti-supporter's toilets and flood their bathrooms.

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hahahaha this is so funny - I think I saw people like this when I was in Thailand:))

Art at its best.