Autumn Whisperlings by enayla

Autumn Whisperlings

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Added: Aug 04, 2002
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Feel free to take a look at the closeup of her face spring, she is but seeds in the ground. A couple of rosebuds slowly appearing on thorny branches. Painfully bursting from the deep bowels of the earth; climbing quietly, slowly, out of the dust and dirt.

During summer... she spreads her wings but is locked to the ground. Her eyes are closed but her beauty is rich and full - she sways gently in the summer breeze. She hums along with the rest of the world around her - glorious in the rich warmth of summer.

During autumn... she is finally released. Like the leaves tumbling from the trees - she is set free. For a few wonderful weeks, she dances with the winds; she twirls and whirls across the sand-coloured fields and her voice can be heard whispering through the red-tinted forests. She is -alive- during autumn. But she, alike the leaves that dart and dance around her, will eventually tumble to the ground and remain still... slowly rotting away as nature around her does.

During winter, she freezes; she becomes encapsuled like the rest of the nature around her. Frozen as her limbs and wings were rotting and moulding with the leaves. She is held still and quiet like that famous princess in her glass casket. Not alive, and yet never fully dead, because nature never fades...

...and then spring comes, again, and the cycle is repeated... again, and again, as the years whisper by.

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I think that using advanced polygon models is ok. But why then are her thighs so short? I mean she sits so tall and then the thighs seem so weirdly short. That can't be a poser model in it's entirety. The face looks like a poser person but that's cool and we shouldn't overlook the fact that it a pretty nice overall picture.

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In all seriousness, do you have a custom formula for facial proportions? Your faces always seem to have near perfect proportions even when they are positioned in forshortened angles. You know just how wide an eye should be in relation to the other etc. I mean it looks better than an advanced polygon model. Anyway, I love the butterflies and the cool wings made from leaves. Your backgrounds are truly on par with your figures now. You are an inspiration.

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Wow, I love it!!! great work!!!

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Actually this is a wildlife phtograph that Linda just ran through her "make bad ass art" filter on her advanced copy of Photoshop 13.

Linda, I love it. This has been my desktop since you first showed it to me.

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the depth of my envy is boundless.......i just love your art.

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However this was created it is a nice one. I like the more whimsical ones over the "dead" people ones. Very nice touch with the leafy wings.

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Drats .. this comment was suppose to go with this image .. Sorry Linda somehow I posted it to the wrong image a moment ago *sigh* ..

?? Too Photoshoppy?? Good lord If I could do this in Photo Shop I would die a happy woman. Personally I would not change a thing .. the color light and composition are stunning .. As far as retouching .. well I can not speak for the artist I do not know her from Adam but I do know that she had a wonderful tutorial on one of her works at the Wacom site a while back .. it showed the creation of the image from start to finish .. all from scratch .. her "Dance of Winters" image .. and I certainly appreciated the tutorial, now if I had been able to grab a bit of her talent along with the tut I would have been even happier Wink.. Regardless I very much enjoy this artist's work and quite frankly could give a darn how she gets to the end of a project when this is the final result

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I know her foot is...weirdo. I was working on a time schedule - it's commissioned work - so I had to quit where I did.

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I really love the whimsicalness (if that's a word) of this. But if you don't meind me saying so....
her foot looks a little fat for her leg and the pose is a little odd. And maybe it's just me but the wings seem a little out of place or soemthing.

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This is so beautiful. Your photoshop work is excellent. Is this a retouched poser figure? You've worked it up so well.

Art at its best.