Jeirehneen by enayla


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Added: Dec 01, 2002
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"Innocence", he said, while his eyes fell away and slowly slid their black irises to study the mist-laden woods around him."Losing your innocence, is like losing a limb."The smile that appeared on his lips was neither cold nor warm - it was colourless. Flat."You can still live - you can move around. But you will never dance again, not like you once did. You will never run across a meadow without a shadow drifting over your heart."The eyes returned. Slowly lifting - swaying upwards like birds taking flight."She crippled me."Quiet, for a moment, and then,"For that, I will cripple her."
The woman that he speaks of is none other than Ta'thaniise, Queen of the Dark Fae. He is Jeirehneen, of the Eshreemn.
As for the picture, I had -so- much fun doing this. I'm about as happy with it as I'll get, since I have to get back to work, now, and can't continue playing around ;] One more piece of the puzzle of characters I've created...

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winonanelson's picture

*Beautiful* background. The melodrama is wonderfully suffocating--I love a good dose of calculated melancholy every once in a while. Also, I don't think you used pure black in this, did you? I love seeing such a dark piece of art with no actual black. You might want to brush up on clothing folds, they look painted-on. But that's just nitpicking. You paint such wonderful lips...

Guest's picture

He's so handsome. Though, all your men/boys are. And the story. It kind of makes you want him. :> Or maybe that's just me. - Cat

Guest's picture

that is the forest I dream of

melora's picture

is it just me... or are your images getting more painterly? (I might have said this before... Stare) Its definately a good thing- it makes them seem more alive. I really like the mist you've got going on in the bottom left hand corner of this, thats some skilled painting there. The foliage, especially on the right hand side looks great.. its blurry, so you want to focus on the figure. Really nice

twstdrealty8's picture are amazing! Smile

mrluisdiaz's picture

Beautiful work. I can easily run through your worlds. You are also making them more and more accesible to us with your exquisit scenes.

Guest's picture

Yay! A new pic!!! Keep them coming!!

Guest's picture

Fantastik! (som alltid ).
hur gör du? vad använder du för färg och teknik?

Guest's picture

Lovely play of gradations of green. It certainly does justice to the enthralling story that seems to exist behind it.

Guest's picture

As always, I'm stunned. Those wings are marvellous! And the cute little fairy up in the tree, love that too!
Great detail in the mask.

rubens's picture

Just beautiful and dark !!! I always enjoy your work !!

engen's picture

Sometimes I get lost looking into your images and seeing things found but not touchable. Cruel thought it is, it is beauty as well...

i have a have a hard time following your characters... is there any where to see them in their completeness? or do we just see bits and pieces here and there?

Guest's picture

the smoothest integration of figure and backgrond, yet. And the misty forest just rocks. The guy's costume kinda reembles the dark branches around him. I thought that was a nice touch.

Guest's picture

haha cute, the birds in the upper righthand corner!

Guest's picture

I love this new palate of colors you've been using, and all the woodsy themes. The text you have under the pictures, do you write those yourself? If so, your style of writing is as vivid and beautiful as your art. Thanks for posting.

Guest's picture

I agree, you have to start making prints available... I'd buy every one multiple times over...

This piece... once again I'm awestruck... you're truly a mastermind when it comes to digital artistry... Brava and cheers, continue on with the work!

Guest's picture

I love the way this picture turned out - each time I see one of your works I have to resist the urge to throw money at you. I want prints!

Guest's picture

Incredible. Awesome head piece and wings! I always enjoy your work. 0.o

Guest's picture

Wonderful painting! The lighting is so delicately beautiful. I am jealous of your masterful use of a limited pallet. I have to try that soon. lol.

Guest's picture

this is so beautiful, like all of your work. it nearly takes my breath away.

Art at its best.