Surrendering. by enayla


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Added: Jan 04, 2003
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Surrender.pale like the first snow.cold as the tempting, tentative touch,of the shivering frost.dim like the early morning -smooth, and sugary,like the lingering taste of chocolate.warm, as only a spring morning can be,delicate like a child's fingers.surrender.surrender like the blade of a dagger.

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This has a really different color scheme from most of your pictures, but it's no less striking. It's almost surreal, with the birds and dream-like background. Very beautiful.

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Yes! Another for my collection of really, really hot guys I can use for desktop bakgrounds (but nothing else ... *sigh*) The birds and the lace in the corner are a nice touch, as is the fog. But, the girl's hand that is not holding the dagger looks a bit odd ... I think it's something about her fingers... or whatever. And his shoe looks a bit like like a tennis shoe ... and I could go on listing really, really minor faults forever, but it's not my picture, and I couldn't even begin to draw something as good as this, so I won't try to tell you how to draw

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Her dress is so beautiful, I wish I had such a dress! And the opportunity to wear it. I like her hairstyle, too. The small finger on her left hand seems to be a little too long.

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I love how you handle fabric, I think it's very realistic.
I wonder which one is surrendering, one, or both.

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*sighs* They just don't make men like that anymore. Come to think of it...did they ever? But, yup, Linda can....

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OMG !!!! I didn't think I would ever be able to say "my fav of your work" because I love it all but....this may just be it. Simply stunning.

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I love the whole idea, trust and risking misplaced trust, wonderful concept, well realised.

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The guy`s clothing seems false. Most of your pictures look just like photos but there`s something wrong with this one. I love the womans dress though. Really stylish!

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Outstanding Linda and my fave of yours, theres real feeling in that pic and wonderful colors !!!

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Very nice, yet for some reason it isn't up to your usual standards.

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Very nice, yet for some reason it isn't up to your usual standards.

Art at its best.