All that I loved is gone. by enayla

All that I loved is gone.

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Added: Feb 09, 2003
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She said,"The moon has fallen into a sea of dirt, and all that I loved is gone."They said,"There is still the sea. The clouds. The earth."She said,"The ground slides, filthy and bedraggled, into the melting earth, and all that I loved is gone."They said,"There is still the sea. The clouds."She said,"The sea is but a stench - it devours but it does not live. All that I loved... is gone."They said,"But the clouds. We still have the clouds."She said,"The clouds are veils of sulphur and acid rain."They said,"We love the rain."She said,"All that I loved is gone."

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christar's picture

Man you are so good...

joe-kennett's picture

Linda, you really inspire me. This is amazing.

babs111's picture

I think it is often difficult to give characters a sense of depth and personality, but you pull it off beautifully. The poem works really well to add even more emotional impact to this piece.

sferris's picture

That's actually a pretty good poem. Why are you always so sad Linda?
Nice water movement and textures.

rhiamon's picture

Linda, it's beautiful! Your work just shimmers, and you're a master at portraying a beautiful saddness.

dhuber's picture

Linda, your changing my mind about digital. Will you offer this as a print and what size would it be if you did? It's just great!

Guest's picture

Wow, really new and interesting colors and textures for you! I really have an appreciation for your newer, slightly "grungier" paintings (if you could call 'em grungy, which they aren't really, but for lack of a better word... er, yeah). Anyway, I love the clouds and the water - reminds me a bit of Socar's work (don't mean to offend by comparison, if there was no influence!). Ok, so before I shove my other foot in my mouth, I . go . now.

mangalore's picture

Oh, wonderful work on the dress and the water. Your style reaches more and more the style of the old masters, maybe even surpassing it for its modern details. I like this all alot!

Guest's picture

Great work!

aridante's picture

Saw this on your devi gallery, but my comp decided to crash when I tried to open the bigger version. Go me. Sad Ah well....another ethereal piece, heh, do I detect a little asian influence? Wink I really like the way how the hemline and edges of the dress form incoporate themselves into the waves. Lovely work!

somerset's picture

BEAUTIFUL! I could say all kinds of stuff about this picture but nothing adequate comes to mind. Linda, I am inspired, thank you

silas's picture

Linda, I really admire your talent... and its more than just the art, its the feeling behind it. Love the poem...really completes the picture

Guest's picture

this is beyond breathtaking. as all your image.. it is like I'm seeing a glimps of a dream .... a non reality that could not possibly exsist becuase of the pure beauty of it. this detail making it real and the over all image and words make it something i know i won't forget.

Art at its best.