Path of Petals by enayla

Path of Petals

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Artwork Stats
Added: Feb 27, 2003
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Fairytale style, I've been thinking about putting together a good number of pictures and stories for a fairytale book, mature and dark. We'll see what happens with that. This one is inspired by an old story - you might know which - but with a different theme. Trying out new techniques again, I love to test new things.On a sidenote, for all those who asked before when I was up to my ears in work, I'm free to do commissions for a while now.

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Nooooo, how could you, you did it again !!!!! Once again I'm stunned by the beauty of your art... Especially those trees - please, please, please give us some more! Great work.

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I have no other words for this except..perfect. Your work is always amazing and you never fail to shock me. The first thing that popped into my mind was Snow White for some reason.......I would *love* to see your version of an Alice In Wonderland theme...and for another note, I would buy that book as well!

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You know dear.. I think this will be one of my newer favs of yours. It just.. has that lovely oil painting feel I see from the old masters hanging in museums... And then the lovely watercolors of classic illustrations on old books.

Thats where I want to see this one day, or another of yours. A nice thick hard cover book with your painting on it -s-

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You can almost *feel* the bite of that cold mist.

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I really love your style. You inspired me a lot. You are an AWESOME ARTIST.

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i love it. u're truly amazing. i must say u're one of my favorite artists. anyway, just a guess, but mite this story be a twist of snow white? i recognize the her dress has a little twist..but ...behind her in the woods, i see a figure, i m guessing he is the guy that was sent by the queen to kill her...

well it'd be cool if i guessed it right.

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I must recognize the background is really cool. You suprised me:)

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I love your work, I think you are truly gifted, and I am very thankful that you share your talent with us.

I also have noticed, that you have had a change in style. While all of your pictures are fascinating I do personally enjoy the fairy/elves.

Are you planning any new ones in the near future?

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its sooo beautiful, as is alll your work

p.s please respond to my email thank you

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Layers, atmosphere, texture, emotion and more atmosphere, just fantastic. Thank you

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Really stunning work !! your backgrounds are just fantastic and the way you tell a story in your work.

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To what is here, on forest flight, to what secret stear, a surge of might. I've searched for thee trough thick and thin, but now I flee for the thought, our bond between us has begun to rot. To wish I could hold you just once more, and see you standing at the door. Flowers now my comfort be, those same petals so soft and light, you gave to me on our first night. And now I feel they will betray, those fragments of our love astray, upon the ground I run upon, would soon bestow the path to one once loved lost and gone. I searh now once no more, but I fear you are still there.......

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Dear GOD she's done it again. I think I might sit in a corner and meow. That is just sublime, and the trees in mist... I can even smell them, and the girl is captivating, and who is the figure in the background? Argh! You need to write stories for these!
Looking at the girl, she makes me think if Robert Smith had a pretty younger sister, she'd look like that. Or she'd *like* to. Sheesh, who wouldn't?

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I like the dark hooded figure following her. Very subtly put.

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Dear Linda, sorry, but you have deffinetly done more better works than this (for example 'Tneme'). Don't get me wrong, this piece is good as all your works are, but i somehow cant find that feeling, which i felt by other works of you.

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Sorry Linda, but you have deffinetly done more better works than this. (f. example'Tneme') Still, it is good.

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Linda ! du är min favorit konstnär!Jag kommer ofta hit för att kolla ifall du har något nytt.De kommer inte ofta nog men de är definitivt värt att vänta på!
Snälla berätta hur du gör! Vart får du dina ideer från och kan man köpa bilder av dig på nåt sätt? jag har skrivit ut ett par av din fantastiska bilder ( hoppas det är ok..) och satt dom på mitt skrivbord...
jag kan bara säga WOW!!!!!

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A beautiful picture-it reminds me of Snow White wandering through the forest, lost. And that dark, hooded figure in the background gives me the shivers...Wonderful!!!

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Everything that you do I love!! I can stare at it for hours and still be entranced.As always beautiful work. I am a fan:). You do your book and I will do the buying,one for me and one for all my friends.Looking forward to more! You go girl!!!!

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Linda, I admit - this one IS truly amazing. I not only cant find any flaws, I see many good sides of this one - the execution, the story telling aspect.. great work!

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I always do a little happy-dance when I see a thumbnail of something new from you in the daily additions! You and Socar have such a knack for setting a mood with your colour pallettes! Your rendering is magical, and I agree with Mr Shephard that the background is terrific. I hope you do put that fairytale book together - I want one! Smile

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I love how you use such subtle tones but can still attract the viewers eyes to the important parts of the painting. B-U-T-ful!

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i've seen this several times around the internet now, and it hasn't stopped amazing me. I really love this direction your work is taking - very fairy tale-ish, and if you do publish a book then I will be amongst the first in line to buy it.

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Ah! my favourite themes "fairy tales" I've got to say this is marvelous, and I'm so jealous! terrible person you! a totally lovely composition, very realistic and mythical, my compliments Linda!

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Thank you =]The story I wrote, is a homage to Hansel and Gretel, but it's much darker and only about a single person rather than a couple of siblings. But, well spotted, I've been inspired by Snow White as well :]

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Beautiful ^___^

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Plenty indeed. If I'm to be entirely honest, I was inspired by several different tales, but one in particular - and it's not a depiction of the story, just a depiction of a story written in homage of that story.

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I think I started on the Thursday of that week, and finished on Sunday night - I'm not entirely sure though. It would've taken longer, if I hadn't been so bent on finishing it that I forgot about food, people, and sleep.

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Thank you kindly Laughing out loud

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Thank you :] I'm trying to expand with what I do. I want the characters to be the focus, but still bring more into the picture. I suspect I'll fall back on the focus of the character, when I draw a character more dear to me, however. We'll see what'll happen :] Again, thank you.

Art at its best.