Path of Petals by enayla

Path of Petals

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Artwork Stats
Added: Feb 27, 2003
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Fairytale style, I've been thinking about putting together a good number of pictures and stories for a fairytale book, mature and dark. We'll see what happens with that. This one is inspired by an old story - you might know which - but with a different theme. Trying out new techniques again, I love to test new things.On a sidenote, for all those who asked before when I was up to my ears in work, I'm free to do commissions for a while now.

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Thanks =] Those 'sick' trees took me an insane amount of time to make. Poor Laura (Pelick) had to listen to me whining about them on ICQ.

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Aw, I'll try something new out this weekend, then, if I can find the inspiration :] I've been strangely uninspired all week, and it's starting to tick me off.

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Thank you very much Laughing out loud

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Thank you. =]

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Thank you so much, Christopher. The leaves are mostly handpainted in photoshop, with a splash of leaves and textures created in Painter mingled into the mix. I love working with those two programs combined - photoshop feels so limited sometimes. And, again, thank you - for all that you said. The book is not coming out, yet, I've just started to consider it, and I'm poking around for interest - which seems to be quite intent. I'll see what happens :]

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I just wanna know how long did it take you to do this. My paintings always fails in lack of patience. (With reservation for my english Smile )

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I remember once you said that "my backgrounds suck", well, those days are long gone. The textures and detail in this background are crazy. I mean, how do you cram so much detail into every little rock and tree? Do you use brushes to create an effect, or
*shudder*, do you manually install each and every detail *gulp*? I've looked at your work long enough to know that you probably created each and every little detail almost pixel by pixel , but it still stuns me. I thought you were awesome way back in your Elfwood days, but your work has improved dramatically since then. Amazing. I think it's great that you're coming out with a book, I really think it's going to make you world famous. I can't help but envy you. I think your going to be able to do what every artist dreams of, and that is, to work full time only at art for the rest of your life. Hard work, that's what got you there. I don't think I've ever seen a more driven artist than you. Sorry about the length and cornyness of this message, I just want everyone to know that I knew you before they make a movie about you. ^__^

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This is a great piece, as always. I love your use of lighting, and how everything has such a tangible texture. Her looks remind me of "Snow White", but the falling petals remind me of "Hansel and Gretel". I'm very curious as to the faery tale this is based on; if you could post that information I'd really appreciate it. Thanks, and I wish you well on your book project.

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To what is searching,
a forest flight,
to what secret is unearthing,
upon the trail of wind and flowers light,
He's searching now, my love once lost
and feeling now I've paid the cost,
to love one who could not be,
I wish that others would only see,
a bleeding heart for his return,
I'll leave these petals or watch them burn.
Just what popped into my head when I saw this!

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i saw this at deviant,and my jaw dropped back is truly incredible.your art has hit a new level i think.despite it being character are narrating a much more dynamic story.

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I particularly love the trees in the background, detailed and real...

You know, this picture tickles my memory, but I don't know if I can quite place it... Well, there are plenty of fairy tales out there about girls getting lost in forests.

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Count me among your legion of fans. You put out a book and I'll buy it. Immediately. And with extreme prejudice. I learn from you every time you post -- thanks for sharing your work!

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I have yet to see a work by you that havent amazed or touched me in some way. As always - enchating!

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awesome. Those trees are sick! Great job.

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Waai, simply wonderful Linda! the trees, the expression in her face, I just can say that I can´t wait to see the next outcomes of your "trying out new techniqes again.."-pictures Wink ....a fairytale book? Sugoi, I can´t wait to see that!!

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I could go on and on about all the things i love about this piece, but who has that kinda time? To sum up, this is incredibly beautiful!

Art at its best.