Eyreequel by enayla


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Added: Apr 03, 2003
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This is comissioned work - but of the best kind. I had nearly free hands. All I was told, was to draw a beautiful boy - and this is what happened. Like before, I'm continuing to try out new styles. New things to incorporate into my work. The two pieces I did for this client, I included two birds in both pictures just because."From darkness, to light, for you -"Whispered, a breath of honey in the air tinged with emeralds."I turned my back on my friends,"A rustle of leaves. A soft trail of air against a cheek. Locks of ashes and ebony. ", I turned my gaze from my family," Fingertips, alabaster pale and softer than ice, ", and you - you turned my lips from yours." His palm drifts like a feather against the trunk of a tree. Rough, the bark. Digging into his palm. It should have been a caress. It should have been her, but it is not. "From darkness, to light, for you -"Eyes, closing. "but you... pushed me back into shadows."

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Wow! I love your pictures, the details and the work is amazing Smile I also love this one. I enjoy the mystic theme of your pictures quite a lot. And naked menly flesh helps as well Tongue

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you know, I think I'll just sit here and stare at it for awhile. *hours later* wow. it's amazing. All of your work is amazing, but this...is simply amazing. And I love the poem. It's beautiful. So is the picture. It's so beautiful, I can't think of an adaquate work for it. Amazing.

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the word that keeps coming to my mind is profound for some reason... i absolutely love your work... your skills are so amazing that the pictures looks almost life like... i could never draw like that... hell the only things i could draw are stick people! lol! you have an amazing talent and clearly you know how to show it! i can only wonder how long it takes you to draw...


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Timeless. The whispery wings make it perfect.

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love the bckgrnd! and that description thing is juse awesome....

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hej Linda! du har lyckats igen! jag kommer ofta hit för att kolla ifall du har gjort nåt nuyy.idag hade jag tur!
Han är så vacker!kan fortfarande inte förstå hur du bär dig åt...
Dyu är verkligen ....WOW!

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As with all your picture's, I belive i will just sit here and drool for.. oh an hour or three.

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Linda your pieces are just freaking amazing. That is all there is too it. Him looking like Trent from NIN, Maybe a little. But Trent's HOT!! So, yeah. Keep up the good work. He's beautiful.
-Brittany Tudor @)-->-->---

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it would be great if you could see his manlyness...

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I saw this already - but that's not going to stop me commenting again Smile It's just wonderful!! Am I imagining it, or did you mention somewhere that you can't *do* backgrounds? {I'm one of those people who cannot draw backgrounds...} But you've got backgrounds nailed Linda!! Great great job Smile

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I've been a rather silent admirer of yours for a while now. Your visions are extraordinarily beautiful and refreshingly unique. The fact that you incorporate gorgeous males into the world of fantasy art is something to be commended. There simply aren't enough of them. Every time I look at your work I feel like crying, and that takes a lot. Please don't ever change! And thank you so much for sharing your breathtaking wonders with us.
Take care.

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Geezus. I think this may be the most beautiful digital piece I have ever seen....I am speechless, and that is saying a lot (no pun intended). My god, what did you use to do this?

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A most amazing piece.. you should make a tutorial - share the knowledge! (email is aierwhg@hotmail.com and I am 12)

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For some reason,this person reminds me of trent reznor from N.I.N bwahahahaha.(no offence trent or linda)

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There you go again, Linda! I've just added quite a few more inches on that yardstick! This has an ethereal quality to it. It feels hushed and cool and very, very calm. I love it.

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oh bloody hell linda,not again.theres always so much depth for my eye to look at..this has a nice balance of of blue and green hues,your a master of subtlety,*sigh*back to the drawing board again lol.

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Fabulous forest...both you and Socar have such a way with the green stuff...I just haven't the patience. The little guy's foot looks a bit odd though. Kinda, um, flat? Like that matters. Lovely piece.

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I suppose that I'll never really understand how you do it Linda. Everything is so exquisit! I hope that someday I could develope my skills as far as you have your own. Keep up the beautiful work.

On a side note, does a tablet really make a difference aside from using a mouse?

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I suppose that I'll never really understand how you do it Linda. Everything is so exquisit! I hope that someday I could develope my skills as far as you have your own. Keep up the beautiful work.

On a side note, does a tablet really make a difference aside from using a mouse?

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I want to crawl off into this background and take a nap.

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I'm such a huge fan of your work... My gods, it's like a photograph, that's how utterly realistic it is. I half expect him to turn and smile at me... such attention to detail... I'm jealous of your talent.

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This is absolutely outstanding! Your work takes my breath away.

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deaar.... i have both programms on my PC, but i still can´t achieve the quality of your pics... god, i want your talent!!


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Great Pic! Once again... How u have such wonderfull ideas?

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Aw, thank you very much, everyone Laughing out loud I worked like a madwoman on the skin in this one, so I'm glad to hear that you like it.I used both adobe photoshop 7, and Painter to create this one. Painter is MUCH better for textures - just a tip Smile

kisu-ayla's picture

well, i love your pics.. they´re full of fantasy-atmosphere .I´ve seen only a few artists, which are giving their pictures/artworks so much of this atmosphere! compliment! ^^

but, one, only one important question... what medium do you usee?? *wanna know!!*

something else?
^^ :>

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Commented on this over at gfxartist and I will again here as its such a fantastic picture, great skills !!!

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Wonderful work, delicate and beautiful

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This is the most beautiful thing I've seen in days. Those delicate wings are so excellent and original. And I agree with James, your skin tones are excellent. This is a picture I could hang on my wall and dream away! So much is happening there.

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Outstanding! I like everything about this one! your faerie figure is perfect, excellent skin tones and I love those original wings! your trees and forest background are breathtaking, the birds are a lovely little touch, smashing!

Art at its best.